lan & wan solutions

Services of Consulting ICT

lan & wan solutions

Lan & Wan Solutions, compared with twenty years of experience, developed in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, helps business customers in specific consulting services. Our focus is consulting is more developed in the topics below.

Design, Analysis and Troubleshootin

  • Local Networks and geography
  • Wireless Lan and Radio Links
  • Systems of unified communications and collaboration
  • Data Center Solutions and Business Continuity
  • Complex IT Infrastructure
  • Security systems
  • N.O.C. Network Operating System
  • Open Source Monitoring solutions
  • Contractualist to various carrier (plants voice/data)



  • Assistance Project Manager certificate ITIL for managing complex ICT projects
  • Interventions in server environments for data recovery or disaster recovery
  • Support processes related field (Technical Consultancy in civil and criminal trial)
  • Practical assistance, legal/bureaucratic systems for ICT/telephony (Statement of Compliance various-Security Policy Document- Expert Reports-etc.)
  • Assistance checks related (eg . Adaptation to minimum security law 196/03)


lan & wan solutions