The city of Porto Viro, in the province of Rovigo, is a town of about 15,000 inhabitants that has its roots in the Paleo-Venetian and Etruscan settlements of 1000 BC. It is the largest inhabited center within the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta, a unique flora and fauna environment of great national importance.

The administration of the city of Porto Viro turned to Lan & Wan Solutions to implement a homogeneous and proactive IT security policy in all municipal offices, aimed at keeping the level and supervision of security constant.

The Municipality has also decided to entrust the management and monitoring of the infrastructure and the delicate phases of prevention, detection, response and mitigation of IT risk to an external supplier.


Customer requests

  1. Define and manage municipal IT security policies.
  2. Implement a project that complies with the guidelines dictated by the AGiD for the Public Administration and with the terms imposed by the GDPR.
  3. Train municipal security staff alongside the DPO.

The Lan & Wan Solutions project

Lan & Wan Solutions has created a complex project for the Municipality of Porto Viro, which has also seen an important phase of adaptation of the entire municipal IT infrastructure, both from a physical and logical point of view, starting from the review of the networking, to conclude with the installation of antimalware software for the workstations.

All LAN & WAN business departments were involved

  • The Infrastructure team took care of the adaptation and certification of the wired network in the six municipal offices, the drafting and certification of the fibers and the restyling of the IT racks present in the data centers.
  • The Networking team dealt with the redefinition of the routing policies, the implementation of the new Huawei core switch devices dedicated to the two data centers and the upgrading of the existing peripheral switches. In addition, the team coordinated, together with the IT manager of the municipality, the creation of the municipal Intranet together with the connectivity partner of the municipality.
  • The Security team together with the IT manager of the municipality and the DPO has defined IT security policies, including security update and patching policies to be distributed on the Authority’s systems. New Fortinet UTM devices have been implemented, in a redundant cluster configuration, creating an Intranet extended between 6 clusters, each for each municipal office. In addition, a new Trend Micro antimalware software suite has been implemented on all systems, including workstations.
  • The IT team took care of the sizing of the Syneto hyperconverged systems to which the application environments and data management are entrusted. In order to guarantee data security and operational continuity, Syneto systems have been set up to operate in the two different data centers, effectively implementing total replication of the application environments and the data they contain.
  • The Training team took care of raising awareness among all municipal users on Cyber ​​Security issues, with targeted classroom courses specific to the department.


Once the infrastructure adjustment was completed, Lan & Wan Solutions also began outsourcing the systems and network management of the Municipality of Porto Viro. Aiming for global protection from IT risks, through the “Managed Security” services, Lan & Wan Solutions is able to prevent critical issues and vulnerabilities by integrating, monitoring and correlating multiple management and areas.

rischi informatici


The significant technological modernization and the adoption of the Lan & Wan Solution managed services on the entire network and systems infrastructure allows the Institution to take advantage of an array of benefits:

  • a unified vision of its own security, with all the related organizational and operational advantages;
  • a network protected against advanced threats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: the latest generation of malware and ransomware, spam and web threats that individually anti-virus and firewalls do not recognise are detected and blocked.
  • no internal management commitment, Lan & Wan Solutions takes care of everything
  • greater working continuity which translates into greater business productivity