Cyber security solutions

Security is the ability to identify risks, design solutions and define procedures that are not only a response to contingent threats, but which can guarantee business continuity and the protection of information from non-compliant or malicious use over time.

sicurezza informatica

L’approccio metodologico utilizzato dai ns. Security Specialist, per affrontare in modo integrato la sicurezza informatica, è quella dell’analisi dei rischi o risk assessment.

sicurezza sia fisica che logica.

The methodological approach used by our Security Specialists, to deal with IT security in an integrated way, is that of risk analysis or risk assessment.

livello di sicurezza adeguato

Lan & Wan Solutions has experience in the design, integration and management of solutions dedicated to both physical and logical security.
Physical and logical security are complementary to each other and both are essential to achieve an adequate level of security.

By physical or passive security we normally mean defense techniques and tools, i.e. the technical-practical solutions, the aim of which is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing resources, systems, plants, devices, appliances, equipment, information and confidential data. The concept of passive security is therefore very general: for example, for physical access to protected premises, the use of armored access doors, together with the use of personal identification systems, are considered passive security components.
Physical data security requires the positioning of servers in dedicated and controlled rooms, equipped with surveillance and / or access control, as well as protection systems from environmental damage such as fire, water, power surges, catastrophic events, etc.

This category includes both hardware and software tools: physical access control systems, Power Continuity systems such as generators and UPSs, Environmental control systems (sensors and cameras).
By logical or active security we mean the techniques and tools through which information, data and applications of a confidential nature are made secure, protecting them both from the possibility that an unauthorized user can access them (confidentiality), and from the possibility that an unauthorized user could modify them (integrity).

This level is normally logical and requires user authentication and authorization in the system. The operations performed by the user during the authentication process are tracked in log files. This process of tracking activities is called accountability. The subsequent audit phase is associated with it.

This category includes both hardware and software tools:
Perimeter Security Systems, Next Generation Firewall, UTM Appliance, Antimalware Software, Antispam Solutions, Authentication Systems, End Point Management Systems, Auditing Solutions, Log Management Systems, Encryption, Backup, Restore and Replica Solutions, Platforms for Disaster Recovery.