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Compliance with the agreed SLA, is the strong point of our Assistance After Sales

All our sales of hardware or software, as well as turnkey projects, if something pleasing to the customer, are accompanied by a service package exclusive, able to meet the demands of discerning customers.

The after-sales services are characterized by various aspects according to customer requirements can be divided into the following broad categories: Thunderstorms, Mode, Type.

SLA identified based on time criteria:SLA identified by the method :SLA identified by type:
Intervention within 2 hours following a request or solarOn Site intervention at the customer siteIntervention for failures or malfunctions of customer infrastructure ( cabling , power continuity , conditioning , etc. )
Intervention within 4 working hours or solar subsequent to the requestOn Intervention Center remotely from our N.O.C.Intervention for failures or malfunctions of customer infrastructure (cabling , power continuity , conditioning , etc.)
Intervention within 8 working hours or solar subsequent to the requestIntervention during business hoursIntervention for failures or malfunctions of system networking client
Business day after the requestIntervention in overtimeIntervention for failures or malfunctions of IT system customer
Intervention within 24 hours following a request or solarIntervention with support availability H24 x 365 daysIntervention for faults or threats of system security
Trip within 48 hours following a request or solarIntervention with support monitoring H24 x 365 daysSupport for urgent advice to the client computer
Intervention mode with “best efforts “

Each request for assistance, which provides coverage SLA through a contract signed upstream, is managed by ns. N.O.C. through Help Desk 8 × 5, with the obvious exception for calls outside business hours covered by the SLA of availability H24 x 365 days, which enjoy a dedicated number different.

For more details see the service help desk to this hyperlink.

The after sales service is one of our main strengths and at the same time a sure guarantee for the customer. The customer relationship does not end when the installation or passage of deliveries of the new plant built, but is the natural continuity of after-sales services that provide timely and comprehensive answers to any request for assistance.

Each product line has a team of specialized personnel able to provide you with the timing determined by the macro categories which see above SLA, the services are:

  • Help-desk support on call
  • Diagnosis and intervention in tele- assistance
  • On-site interventions
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Periodic updates
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Technical repairs
  • Support in the management of the guarantees to the manufacturer

Lan & Wan Solutions provides its customers flexible and diversified contractual formulas for every need and every product line.