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Unox relies Axis video surveillance with Lan & Wan Solutions

30 electronic eyes for the safety of the new headquarters of Cadoneghe

The History of Unox

Born in 1990, Unox is a leading manufacturer of professional ovens, a dynamic reality, became the benchmark for the industry such as hotels, supermarket chains, fast food companies, bakeries and manufacturers of frozen food. In spite of the crisis Unox is growing both in Italy and abroad, so that in the last four years has doubled its turnover and increased headcount. The venue was recently transferred to Cadoneghe, in the province of Padua, and expanded by adding additional 14 thousand square meters for a total of 30 thousand, acquiring a high-performance and reliable IT infrastructure.

Lan & Wan Solutions
Lan & Wan Solutions


The historical site of Unox, a leading manufacturer of professional ovens, was recently moved and expanded. The new structure was to have a system of surveillance measures to ensure their safety especially at night, during which is unmanned. The plant then had to respond to the quality requirements in terms of video images provided and be cost effective.


The provision of IT infrastructure was a key focus already in the planning stage for the importance in a company that has made innovation and research and development are the main ingredients of its business. The existence of a network cabling has facilitated the choice of IP cameras, opting for those by Axis, the user already known for their reliability and effectiveness. In total they have been installed 30 cameras, including internal and external, responsible for overseeing all the perimeter, with all of the video streams managed by the AXIS Camera Station software.


The system meets the needs of the end customer. As well as an important economic saving resulting from the optimization of the IT infrastructure existing. Axis cameras provide excellent image quality and the automatic software update videos continuously improves functionality.

“We are absolutely delighted of the implant built. We already knew the quality and effectiveness of Axis cameras, that we have previously used in other implants and we can confirm that fully meet our needs , plus the fact that we never recorded any problems. “

Andrea Bettiato , ICT Manager of Unox S.p.A.

Lan & Wan Solutions
Lan & Wan Solutions

The project

For the safety of the structure was set up a video surveillance system IP cameras with Axis video management software, AXIS Camera Station, optimizing infrastructure investment. In total they have been installed 30 cameras including 20 outdoor and 10 indoor fixed dome which include 3 PTZAXIS P5534. The latter, in addition to rotating of 360° thanks to the function of automatic reverse which enables the cameras to simulate a continuous rotation even beyond the mechanical stop, also support the Advanced Gatekeeper that, in the event of detection of movement in a scene, automatically activates rotation, inversion and focus and, after a predetermined period of time, automatically turns off the focus.

All cameras are responsible for overseeing the perimeter at night when the staff is not present at the time, becoming active trough timer, and allow to obtain high quality images even in low light conditions. Monitoring of video streams, currently managed by internal staff, will soon be entrusted to a private monitoring station that, in case of alarm, intervene promptly to check on the spot the situation.

Unox also believed from the start in the potential of the virtual environment and this has allowed the system-integrator reference, Lan & Wan Solutions, to develop specific systems services both in terms of the data center than on the infrastructure of networking also support video surveillance. In the near future the surveillance system could grow and be enriched by more Axis cameras to monitor the loading bay and draw out the goods. The camera, shooting a snapshot to the passage of the carriage, would allow to verify afterwards any errors load.

“Rarely has the technical personnel of the customer is well prepared and qualified. In this specific project, our support was mostly advisory presales, the identification of which products to use, but after the delivery of the material the client has been installed in complete autonomy”.

Luigi Pedrotta , Director of Lan & Wan Solutions Srl

Lan & Wan Solutions
Lan & Wan Solutions