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Fortinet project realized by Lan & Wan Solutions

Carel Selects Fortinet to allow more flexibility and centralized management of network security

History of CAREL

Carel is a specialist in a niche market, the electronic control for air conditioning and refrigeration, in which Italy is among the countries most advanced in the world in this area. The group Carel has a thousand people and operates production units “twin” in Italy, Brazil, China and USA, 14 subsidiaries (France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Asia (HK) Brazil, South Korea, China, India, South Africa and the United States) and a sales network in seventy countries. The percentage of consolidated revenues, over 168 million Euros, which is derived from exports around 80%. The company in the province of Padua, in fact, has succeeded in establishing an Italian product and technological edge in the global market, addressing manufacturers, installers and designers in the industry operating worldwide. CAREL control solutions are designed to optimize the management of air conditioning units and refrigeration as chillers, heat pumps, roof-top units, air handling units, data centers, refrigeration units, refrigerated display cases, desks and plug seasoning cells. Humidification systems and evaporative cooling can be applied in various fields, both civil and industrial. The company also offers electronic solutions to manage and control all the systems that make up the architecture of the different formats of retail (mass distribution). Today research CAREL focused on innovative solutions in terms of efficiency and energy conservation, with the understanding that the members, and especially their interaction and regulation, have a vital role in the energy efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration.

Lan & Wan Solutions
Lan & Wan Solutions

The needs of CAREL Industries

The need of a technological upgrade of its platform firewall, based on a solution from another provider and that proved very costly, pushed Carel, in 2009, to start a thorough technology selection. The company also has several offices located abroad (Europe, Asia – Pacific, Americas), with a particularly wide network, and wanted to have a centralized management and monitored dall’headquarters located in Brugine, in the province of Padua. A further need was to make the solution of computer security highly reliable and, consequently, at the level of perimeter protection, redundant nodes present in the various production plants.

The reason for choosing Fortinet

Carel has implemented different FortiGate appliances that integrate firewall, IPSec and SSL VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antimalware, antispam, P2P security and web filtering, to protect the corporate network, as well as FortiManager, centralized management appliance to reach a complete control of the security structure, and FortiAnalyzer, which combines in a single system recordings, analysis and reporting, in order to have better information on all security-related events. The solution Fortinet is shown immediately very interesting and effective differing from the solution previously in use, in addition to an economic advantage, even for the best performance and the additional services offered, given that it is a UTM solution and not of a simple firewall / VPN concentrator. The Fortinet solution has also allowed us to manage an unlimited number of SSL VPN client connections, without the need to purchase additional licenses.

Features of the solution implemented

Carel has deployed a cluster of FortiGate-600C in the Italian headquarters, a cluster FortiGate-111C in the headquarters of China, 1 cluster FortiGate-110C in the US headquarters and all other locations in Germany, UK and Brazil FortiGate-80CM. In addition, to optimize the management of the solution in the central office has implemented a FortiAnalyzer 100C for collecting and analyzing data, as well as a 400B FortiManager centralized management, configuration and software distribution. The timing of completion and implementation were quick enough, once pre-configured devices have been shipped to foreign subsidiaries and has decided in some cases to replace simultaneously in various locations and in other cases, integration with existing equipment.

Advantages achieved

FortiGate appliances are mainly used in firewall functionality and VPN site-to-site VPN on multilink with backup and SSL VPN for agents / outside workers who are authenticated through LDAP. They were created traffic shaping policy to optimize bandwidth usage and Internet traffic inside the VPN with the Chinese home. Through the cluster of the office they are managed also different VLAN, including guest networks for wi-fi, built with third-party devices, and network DMZ. Carel is also considering the possibility of using additional features FortiGate UTM device installed, for example, the ability to switch to the management of all traffic on the internet browsing which would result in the transfer of several proxy servers and thus greater integration of security policy side firewall.

Lan & Wan Solutions

In these years of partnership with its parent company, Lan & Wan Solutions has obtained all specialties provided in the various Certification process, achieving the title of Partner of Excellence.

  • Certified experts in Fortimail and email security
  • Certified experts in Fortiweb and web application firewall protection
  • Certified experts in FortiAp, FortiWifi and wireless security
Lan & Wan Solutions
Lan & Wan Solutions

“Fortinet solutions have proven to be extremely effective and competitive immediately. They have met our business needs by allowing us to have a high level of flexibility and ease of use, in addition to achieving a reduction in operating costs. We will now have full visibility on our network and a reliable centralized management.”

Gianluca Nardin , IT Technology Manager, Carel