lan & wan solutions

Diagnostic and certification Wiring

Lan & Wan Solutions for Diagnostics and Certification wiring using the Fluke Networks DTX Series CableAnalyzer. This revolutionary platform significantly reduces total time to certify by improving every aspect of the process of the various tests. By DTX CableAnalyzer significantly reduce the total time for the different tests and certifications:

  • Cat 6 certification in 9 seconds
  • Fast set-up and fast times for operating results
  • Tester precision than Levels III and IV
  • UL Accuracy Classification

You start with 9/2 of Cat 6 Autotest. This means that you can receive the certification requirements and guarantees structured cabling TIA – 568 – C and ISO 11801: 2002 faster than ever. With all this speed is also available the highest accuracy, the DTX is the only tester to use electrically adapter and permanent link test standards-compliant. In addition, the DTX -1800 truly offers the promise of a future-proof investment for performance measurement cable 10 Gig and Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT and AFEXT) in full compliance with industry standards to 500 MHz . The function AC Wiremap validation for Power over Ethernet services in accordance with TIA / EIA standards, even if you use a power midspan.

lan & wan solutions

Certifications Copper 10 Gb

The DTX 10 Gig over copper cabling testing solution allows cable testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments-whether it ‘s Cat.6 or new standard Cat.6A.

The certifications produced by this method the following advantages:

  • Simplifies certification Alien Crosstalk link-to – link, using the same user-friendly interface and intuitive DTX
  • Identify problematic cables within the same pair because of the Crosstalk link-to – link
  • Solution fully compatible with industry standards
  • Measuring performance for 10 Gigabit Alien Crosstalk ( ANEXT and AFEXT ) in full compliance with industry standards to 500 MHz

Certification fiber opetic

With the scanner DTX and additional modules we test fiber optic (Tier 1), and certify the same with DTX Compact OTDR module for Extended (Tier 2) certification. The DTX Compact OTDR module speeds up the certification of the fiber and any extended diagnostic producing substantial savings.

The only tester that can completely certify copper cabling and fiber. Only the DTX platform offers optional modules for fiber (Tier 1) fiber certification and the DTX Compact OTDR module for Extended (Tier 2) certification.

We designed the DTX Fiber Modules DTX Compact OTDR to accelerate testing through exclusive technology with a user friendly interface. Our fiber modules let you test more fibers in less time minimizing costs.

The DTX Compact OTDR module speeds up the certification of the fiber and its extensive troubleshooting with unparalleled ease of use, thanks to the wealth of features easy installation and user interface of the DTX CableAnalyzer. Over time, the savings are substantial.

lan & wan solutions

Deliver complete fiber certification

Basic (Tier 1) fiber certification

The fiber modules DTX validate the performance of the fiber link to the industry standards. You can test two fibers in both directions at two wavelengths with incredible speed without swapping the ‘ head unit with the remote, a capacity that is available only with Fluke Networks. The Interchangeable connector adapters allow the test for the connections that meet TIA / ISO standards for most SFF ( small form factor ) fiber connectors.

Unlike the fiber adapters which measure the length and measures of loss for each Autotest, DTX is the only solution that measures the length and the loss in about 12 seconds. With DTX Fiber Modules, you can speed five times faster than the competition.

Extended (Tier 2) fiber certification

DTX Compact OTDR provides certification of the fiber. Analyzes tracks in multimode and singlemode fibers and controls every connector and splice on a link making sure it meets the specifications defined and quality of installation.

Benefits in the certification of optical fiber with these instruments

    • Reduction learning curve of technical tests for the fiber
    • Performing Basic (Tier 1 ) * and Extended (Tier 2 ) fiber certification with a single tool
    • Accelerates troubleshooting with a powerful single-ended OTDR
    • It provides built-in reports with LinkWare ™ software