Advanced systems Access Control and Time Attendance

Lan & Wan Solutions selected Access® for solid international technological experience acquired over the past years. Today Access® is considered a market leader in the specialized field of Attendance and Access Control: software products and installed equipment are the winning characteristics that describe the success of the brand. The iAccess® solutions are practical application especially in small and medium size, in very diverse sectors: from banking to manufacturing, services, transportation. Proposals from iAccess® solutions are of the following thematic areas:

Detects presence with access control

Biometric access control and RFID

Card, Keychain and RFID bracelets

Management Gyms and Software Products

Access Control to restricted areas

Systems of terminals and software products capable of controlling and authorizing the transits of people or resources (incoming and / or outgoing) through gaps between adjacent areas, ensuring the immediate registration of all related events. integrated access control systems that, by connecting to the monitoring equipment (CCTV cameras, terminals for access control, license plate reading systems, etc.), allow you to control and manage different devices and access gates.

Detection and Attendance

Management complete, reliable and constantly updated according to the real needs of the market. The selection of iAccess® ranging from badge reader terminals (optical, magnetic, proximity, biometrics) to complex network systems, supervised by a specific application software. The result of previous experience, the software is able to solve all your needs of a complex and modern of Personnel Attendance Management. The work involved the detection of presences require increasing attention: flexible working hours, shifts, exceptions with different rules are now part of the daily activities of the Office staff, which is faced with an ever increasing workload. The terminals for attendance recording devices are beautifully designed, fully programmable to allow the display of service messages or information related to the employee’s card; They can be equipped with touch-screen monitor to offer the highest levels of interactivity.

Management Software for Gyms and Leisure Centres and KIT to control subscriber access

The Software iAccess® Wellness is able to easily and effectively manage inputs in gyms and sports centers. Full management of Subscriptions, Membership Certificates and Tariff, Alerts for subscriptions Deadlines, Registration and Certificates, automatic software updates and unlimited license. Complete kits are also available for the management of subscriber access and service personnel with steel turnstiles and vandal-proof RFID readers.