lan & wan solutions

Lan & Wan Solutions S.r.l.

LAN & WAN Solutions is a company operating in the market of design, supply and consultancy of systems data and voice network, telematics and information systems in general. The strength of our company lies in the ability to offer solutions with high technological value both for new facilities and for the upgrading and extension of existing equipment and systems, offering solutions that combine efficiency and performance with a fast turnaround in investment.

lan & wan solutions

A bit of history

Lan & Wan Solutions, young and very dynamic, founded in 1996, even then strong technical skills can range from Cabling to the  Information Technology and throughout its history has expanded its focus by focusing on quality and brand leader of the sector. Since 2002, the core business includes the provision of services, for which the staff of LAN & WAN has achieved official certification to support the effective charge.


The success of the paduan company is based precisely on the technical expertise of internal staff, which follows and executes projects that appear to have a reliability and maximum flexibility for customers with critical systems.

In these situations, a stationary network would cause costly losses of business, consequently the projects can not be subject to time limits or period in their operation.

Lan & Wan Solutions is able to give complete answers to needs often very complex, that is to design and deliver solutions to 360 degrees, a plus overall market sector. A quality non-trivial, where reality often not simple rely on information systems the solution of their criticality. But the services provided not merely comply with aspects of reliability and flexibility, Lan & Wan Solutions is able to ensure a standard at the top of the ICT market, further guarantee the quality of services and investment protection.

The Skills

The perfect knowledge of the ICT market and its customers, enables Lan & Wan Solutions, to provide the key elements to manage the critical success factors:

  • Ability to provide a complete offer ICT
  • Availability of resources with specific skills and expertise and high quality
  • Allocation of resources dedicated to individual clients and projects
  • Expertise and experience in project management of large size and high complexity
  • Excellence in strategic technology areas
  • Solutions that produce savings and a R.O.I in a short time
  • Project requiring a large increase in productivity by the ever increasing
lan & wan solutions