lan & wan solutions

Flexible Infrastructures for Data Center increasingly high density

Banca Popolare di Sondrio chooses IT technology of Schneider Electric and a valued partner as Lan & Wan Solutions to achieve their objectives of availability of systems and business continuity

lan & wan solutions

The challenge

        • Develop a project to upgrade the entire area dedicated servers, infrastructure supply and containment and part of the equipment storage.

The solution

        • Infrastructure containment, climate control and intelligent centralized management platform ISX Central, manufactured by Schneider Electric.

A bit of history 

Banca Popolare di Sondrio is an Italian bank active since 1871, today the head company of the banking group Banca Popolare di Sondrio, which includes the subsidiaries Banca Popolare di Sondrio (SUISSE) SA, Swiss law institution based in Lugano and Factorit Spa, company active anticipation and collection of trade receivables and related services. The bank, incorporated as a limited cooperative society, makes available to members and users a branch network of 400 branches and more than 100 treasury branches, it serves more than 2,550 employees. The activities and services of Banca Popolare di Sondrio are supported by an ad hoc center opened in April 1993 and located near Sondrio. It is a pole high tech developed in order to provide an answer to the question of growth and enhancement of corporate information systems, setting up an ICT environment appropriate to follow the Group companies in their current and future needs. At the Service Centre of the Institute more than 200 employees are divided between the activities of the organization of services and development of innovative proposals for the bank’s business, and the administration and management of information systems and data.


In response to a growing demand for modernization of data center infrastructure department hosted at the Service Center, which is the heart of the Group, Banca Popolare di Sondrio has developed a project to upgrade the entire area dedicated to servers, power infrastructures and containment and of part of the equipment storage. Thanks to the contribution of Lan & Wan Solutions, Padua-based company specialized in design and implementation of ICT for business strategies, the bank now has available a high density data center infrastructure based on containment, climate control, and intelligent platform centralized management ISX Central, manufactured by Schneider Electric, which guarantees together with the Certified Partner, the highest reliability, by securing the business and services of the Group. Born in 2007 from the acquisition of APC, the IT Division of Schneider Electric is the world leader in services for the power and precision cooling systems, with a range of products, software and systems for home, office, data center and environments industrial.

The project

Data centers supplied to Banca Popolare di Sondrio began to manifest obsolescence problems from a structural standpoint, since the air-conditioning systems that were to be no longer adequate. “Our server farm had grown rapidly since the deployment of Web services and the use of dedicated devices”, explains Piergiorgio Spagnolatti, Contact Server Farm and Distributed Systems. “At this rapid development and the consequent concentration of devices it had not followed proper sizing infrastructure. The old environments had remained linked to a system of distribution of the current and the cooling enough dated “. We are talking about 90 physical servers and over 600 virtual, to which are added the various storage systems. “We considered this critical, equipping our data center, system power and cooling up to fulfill a function crucial to the Bank’s Business Continuity”. By optimizing the spaces dedicated, one would have to proceed with the consolidation of all venues on one island and the use of an air conditioning system lnRow in high density.

On this basis it was the decisive contribution of Lan & Wan Solutions, which closely with the IT team of Banca Popolare di Sondrio has developed a solution in line with the objectives to be achieved. “We evaluated several alternatives for containment components and plant engineering, especially in cooling and power distribution,” says Spagnolatti. “Only IT technology of Schneider Electric was the closest to the prerequisites and logistical constraints which were subject, providing some of the features to monitor the consumption and availability of systems not found in other solutions considered.” Lan & Wan Solutions has fielded a project-based solutions ISX Schneider Electric, with two rows of cabinets containing nine rack set up with both the hot aisle, where are concentrated the components whose overheating should not be at the expense of ‘system integrity; it comes to data center architecture that optimizes the air conditioning system. In each of the racks have been installed units power distribution (Rack Mount PDU) for feeding the server, allowing the switch on, off and auto reset of each outlet also remotely via a web browser, as well as ISX console.

Also the unit for cooling the air are part of the ISX Schneider Electric solution and have been installed in line with the racks. The proximity of air conditioning carriers to the heat source enables more effective, avoiding the waste of energy. “For each corridor are used one or more lnRow systems to dissipate heat,” adds Angelo Panizza, Telecommunications Manager, Server farm and distributed systems. “The air is sucked through the rear of the system, cooled and fed back into the cold aisle, neutralizing the effects of excessive heating of the devices for data processing. The lnRow RC System provides a high volume of air flow, up to 11,725 ​​cubic meters per hour with a maximum cooling capacity of 29KW, to eliminate overheating of high-density systems “.
The configuration of the cooling systems to which the solutions are equipped ISX, involves a higher energy efficiency level, as it enables higher temperature thresholds, provided that both air return. All this is part of a modular system which enables the addition of further conditioning devices in case of increase of the content apparatuses.

lan & wan solutions

“Only IT technology of Schneider Electric was the closest to the prerequisites and logistical constraints which were subject, providing some functionality to monitor the consumption and availability of systems not found in other solutions considered.”

Piergiorgio Spagnolatti

Referent Server Farm and Distributed Systems

lan & wan solutions

“We have estimated an energy savings resulting from the increased efficiency of the new systems adopted equal to approximately 30 %. Performance metrics detectable in the new architecture, in addition to active and passive monitoring probes, made ​​it possible to extend the level of control of the services provided in the data center, as well finish off the garrison of growth , both from a point of view that capacitive cost management”

Angelo Panizza

Telecommunications Manager Server farm and Distributed Systems

The cabinets that make up the island are also equipped with a device for the environmental detection, with sensors in order to control the inlet air temperature and humidity values. All the air conditioning units also provide for a probe capable of detecting the presence of liquids to report any principles of flooding. The centralized management system chosen is StruxureWare Central with Capacity Manager, and enables management and centralized supervision of all intelligent components of the infrastructure, from cooling to the power distribution to the rack until the environmental sensing. “All this allows us to control the components of plumbing and electrical was previously delegated to anyone involved in facility management of the building, on which we had no visibility of Information Systems”, clarifies Panizza. “In case of poor systems of power lines, in case of insufficient cooling or breakdown, the risk was to learn about them too late, when the damage had already been done or even revealed itself already a serious impairment of the service. Thanks to Schneider Electric availability monitoring infrastructure is our expertise and allows us to be more proactive. ” It is a centralized control system which also includes reporting such as to allow the use of data about the consumption of the entire infrastructure for subsequent calculations of costs and benefits. “We estimated energy savings resulting from the increased efficiency of the new systems adopted equal to about 30%,” says Panizza, “The performance metrics detectable in the new architecture, in addition to active and passive monitoring probes, have allowed to extend the level control of services provided in the data center, as well finish off the garrison of growth, both from a point of view that capacitive cost management. ” That’s not all. “The rationalization of the plant has brought benefits where there were dedicated lines, inherited from the old mainframe system. Now you can implement a capacity planning and configure the load put on a single machine or an entire wardrobe. There is an increase in performance on the predictability of the data center, against the risk of reducing performance and unavailability of services that were previously subject. “

“This has allowed Banca Popolare di Sondrio to achieve the goals of system availability and safety of the data center, which had been identified in the design phase. “With solutions redundant power and cooling, manufactured by Schneider Electric and supplied by Lan & Wan Solutions, we are aligned with the guiding principles underlying the model of growth that we had planned for the technological infrastructure,” emphasizes Spagnolatti. “There has been possible to standardize the pattern of availability of higher levels than in the past, with guarantees of reliability of the plants well above that range to minimize the risks and the consequences of interruptions or reductions of the basic services covered by the solutions adopted.”

Judgment on the work of Lan & Wan Solutions is equally positive. “Our technology partner has proven reliability and professionalism at all stages, including the delicate moment of transition from the old to the new infrastructure, which was done without any impact on the services that our center provides the bank’s customers,” concludes Spagnolatti. “We also have been able to verify the efficiency of their organizational machine for after-sales services, in conjunction with routine maintenance or extraordinary occurred in recent months.”