Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

Unified Threat Management combines in a single point of management of network security applications. The Branch Office with the following applications: integrated firewall, IPS, app control, web filtering, antivirus protects the offices and the retail stores from all threats that can jeopardize safety. Optional access points (AP) Wireless LAN and wired switches enable BYOD safe and the possibility of access guest.

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

Given the constant increase in the number of threats can reassure branches and outlets is now more important than ever. Data breaches, data leakage and infected systems costing organizations billions of dollars/Euros annually.

Fortinet’s Branch Office Firewall includes Wireless LAN Solutions Unified Threat Management, the managed control of access points Wi – Fi, managed switches and 4G LTE Wireless WAN extenders. FortiGate UTM Fortinet is the spearhead of Fortinet solutions that consolidates network security for multiple functions: such as Firewall, IPS, Control app, Web Content Filtering and the antivirus in a single application. FortiGate UTM provides unmatched protection from the latest security threats by reducing the costs of network management. Through UTM platform in place it is easy to enable new technologies as BYOD while maintaining strict compliance with the PCI.

Market Dynamics and Drivers

Branch Networks Are A Target

The networks in the branches very often lack of security features, the latter in the majority of cases are found exclusively at the corporate office, primarily due to cost and complexity. This security gap left networks vulnerable to the branch office.

Branch Technology Needs Are Increasing

Network administrators must turn on Wi-Fi and BYOD in places that have traditionally been “confined”. The stores need Wi – Fi , Wireless, POS, digital signage and other smart technologies to remain competitive. New technologies must be balanced and must to secure and confidential customer data.

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

The average cost per record of large data breaches (ponemon 2014)

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

 74% of companies adopting BYOD

(Tech Pro Research 2014)

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

Gen Y employees
would contravene BYOD policy

(Fortinet 2013)

Branch Office Firewall With Wireless Products

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless



FortiGate unifies firewall, IPS, application control, web filtering, the antivirus in a single device. AP manages wireless switches and 4G LTE wireless WAN extenders directly from the Administration Console FortiGate. You can simplify configuration and troubleshooting through the management in a single pane of glass. Make sure you are always protected against the latest threats with dynamic updates by FortiGuard Labs.

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless



Simplifies wireless LAN management with the integration of FortiGate console. AP offers a wide range of factors including internal models, external and remote. It supports high-performance Wi – Fi 802.11ac Gigabit. Simplifies AP installation with Power over Ethernet ( PoE ).
Branch Office Firewall with Wireless



It offers a wide range of switches from 8 to 48 ports, and Ethernet interfaces 1 GbE and 10 GbE . Powers Wi – Fi access points, VoIP phones and IP cameras with PoE models . Simplifies switching management with the integration of FortiGate console. Simplifies PCI compliance allowing for easy segmentation of the retail network.

Other Products

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

Integrated Wi-Fi in the UTM appliance with FortiWiFi

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

4G LTE wireless WAN backup link to improve branch office uptime with FortiExtender

Branch Office Firewall with Wireless

How Fortinet’s Branch Office Firewall and Wireless Solution is Unique

Consolidated Network Security and Access

Other competitors need solutions “multiple point ” to achieve a similar level of security protection. Fortinet solutions consolidated into a single platform. FortiGate has the highest number of integrated switch ports ( including PoE ) on the market, offering a true branch in a box solution.

Security at the Core of Everything We Do

Fortinet secures the branch office networks are protected from threats. If users are connecting through the LAN, wired or wireless LAN VPN, they are subject to the same centralized security policy. FortiGate UTM is secured by FortiGuard , providing up- to-date protection against the latest threats. Amenities include IPS, app control, web filtering, AV signatueres and more. FortiGate also integrates with other Fortinet security products such as FortiClient and FortiSandbox for advanced threat prevention.

Complete One-Vendor Solution

No other vendor provides management of Wi – Fi access points wired to 4G LTE extender switches directly from the UTM management console. FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer provide a centralized management and analysis of many Fortinet branch office devices, from 1 to 10,000 positions.


Lan & Wan Solutions has achieved specializations: Fortinet Fortinet Excellence Gold Member and Partner for demonstrating experience in the field and for successfully completing the specialized courses organized by Fortinet.

It also obtained the following qualifications:

  • Certified experts in FortiAp, FortiWifi and wireless security
  • Certified experts in Fortimail and email security
  • Certified experts in Fortiweb and web application firewall protection