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BRT chooses UPS Schneider Electric to ensure the availability of IT services at the branches on the territory with Lan & Wan Solutions

Case Bartolini Power Continuity UPS

History BRT

BRT is one of the most important national and international in scope shipments and providing logistic services to support the movement and distribution of goods. The company is composed of over 180 branches in Italy and is able to provide services in over 200 countries around the world through the work of 14 thousand direct and indirect collaborators. In its stores, reaching a total area of ​​over 900,000 sq m., They are handled over 125 million parcels a year. BRT makes flexibility one of its major strengths, so as to best meet all needs in logistics and distribution. A feature that allows a considerable competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and going to integrate with a strong focus on innovation and technology, today fundamental components to provide cutting-edge services. No coincidence that the reliability of information systems is an essential element for the business of BRT. Ensure the availability of data center locations and subsidiaries is crucial to enable the operation and cargo handling.

To secure their business and ensure that data and information is permanently available to the productivity, BRT has equipped the rooms that house the servers in branch offices distributed throughout the country by UPS with high reliability . With UPS ‘s IT Division of Schneider Electric, formed from the acquisition of APC in 2007 and the worldwide leader of services to the power and precision cooling systems, with a range of products, software and systems for home, office, data center and factory floor today BRT has reduced the risks of downtime of their iT systems.

The challenge

The main requirement of BRT was to equip each of the branches of an adequate system to guarantee the operation. Each of the branches includes a room used as a local data center with related issues of conditioning and electricity supply, especially in some areas of the south where the likelihood of interruptions in electricity is highest. “Our goal was to preserve the integrity of the equipment housed in the data center and to ensure continuity of service in case of stop the supply of electricity,” explains Silvio Lombardi, head of the systems, networks and telecommunications at BRT . Power surges and sudden detachment of the current may cause damage to servers and network devices which rely on the services and information systems, resulting in the loss of configuration data and subsequent recovery time, all at the expense of productivity and considerable costs. Not to mention the difficulty, for a really distributed throughout the territory as BRT, you can handle easily and proactively devices. The modern business organizations can find it in the monitoring and control centralized voice of increasing efficiency, saving considerable, all it enabled by solutions that allow configuration and operations remotely via web-based applications. In this, you can choose a unique and flexible enough to be replicated in any branch regardless of the requirements of supply and power consumption, was an important and decisive factor for defining standards of installation and management.

The choice In 2008, BRT has thus launched a first project involved the implementation of a type of UPS but has not fully met the demands of the BRT. This prompted the company to the choice of UPS’s IT division of Schneider Electric. In this phase, a decisive role was played by Lan & Wan Solutions, the Padua-based company specialized in consulting in ICT that has been able to steer towards the BRT solution.

“We had the perception of Schneider Electric as a brand highly reliable,” adds Alexander Bolelli, under Area TLC and management of Data Centers branches BRT. “With the help of Lan & Wan Solutions we have deepened the functionality of the models proposed to the identification of the UPS more appropriate.”

Alessandro Bolelli,

Area TLC and Management Data Center BRT

Lan & Wan Solutions
Lan & Wan Solutions

“Our goal was to preserve the integrity of the equipment housed in the data center and to ensure continuity of service in case of stop the supply of electricity . ”

Silvio Lombardi ,

Head of systems , networks and telecommunications BRT

Lan & Wan Solutions

The project

BRT has started a process of gradual installation of models RT 3000VA, uninterruptible products from Schneider Electric with a power output of 2100 watts. These are devices with high performance and with Network Management Card 2, the card that allows monitoring and control remotely with any device with a web browser. Schneider Electric products have been the subject of a test phase with their integration in some of the branches covered by the project. Once shown to be successful, BRT has started the installation process aims to complete the coverage of the CED on which it had proved necessary intervention. In each branch it was thus envisaged the use of a UPS with a battery pack dimensioned according to the power and the absorption of the server room in which to provide the service. “We had clear, knowing the brand, what benefits we could get through the level of reliability of products,” notes Lombardi. “We had a chance to try the solution on the field and compare it to the equipment to be replaced. The features have proved superior and cost comparable, this has led us to the decisive choice “.A aspect that made the difference was the ability to manage UPS centrally via the web. BRT is in fact a strongly distributed nationwide. “The remote control feature is extremely beneficial because it allows timely intervention in case of problems and at the same time reducing maintenance costs,” explains Bolelli, “allowing management tasks that do not involve the presence of staff to the equipment on which it is necessary to operate “. Not to mention the real-time supervision that is critical to monitor the machine and the environment. The Schneider Electric in fact include a sensor for detecting the temperature which is very useful for BRT. Some branches located in the southern Italian town require constant monitoring to avoid overheating the premises for the containment of the server. “The temperature sensor sends a signal in case of malfunction of air conditioning, this allows us to promptly mobilize engineers to solve the problem.” Installation of uninterruptible Schneider Electric at the premises BRT, cases of failure or service interruption due to power failure or instability have been reduced to almost zero. “The equipment that we are equipped to perform their job very well,” adds Bolelli.

The implementation date has affected approximately 90% of affiliates, and BRT believes that at a time when it will be necessary to undertake a review of systems to protect the continuity of service and UPS devices even at the data center at headquarters in Bologna and Milan, Schneider Electric will surely be one of the solutions that will be considered. A promotion with honors that also includes the work of Lan & Wan Solutions. “Our partners have played an important role because it has expressed our needs, choosing the most appropriate model to propose,” concludes Lombardi. Since 2009 Lan & Wan Solutions, towards the end customer, he plays a major role player in the important post sale, ensuring BRT coverage of all locations in the country, with a maintenance contract that includes, during the sale of a single UPS, an on-site security coverage of 5 years. The excellent partnership established between the technical staff of Lan & Wan Solutions and BRT and procedures adopted for the control and intervention, have led over the years to an almost nullify any disservice due to malfunctions on UPS adopted. “Lan & Wan Solutions followed us in selecting and testing since the first installations, during configuration of the equipment and management system. Their contribution has been decisive. “