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Services and Software Business Process Management (BPM)

Solutions that increase the visibility and control of business processes, ensuring the diversification of business activities from the competition by providing the services and products appropriate and respecting the needs of convenience and consistency customers

Business Process Monitoring bases its analysis through a pervasive monitoring, which combines the results verified the behavior of all the assets that make up the process: Physical and Virtual Systems, Resources, Devices, Services and Production Lines. Specifically, the choice has been to solutions-style “zero economy”, where the added value does the technology partner that is able to draw an ad hoc configuration, according to customer requirements, using software platforms involving investments content. One of the most frequent requests is to get to monitor the business process, where through logical correlations (and / or / or_n) are associated with each other all assets hardware, software, and virtual humans that make up the supply chain of any process. Once built a detailed CMDB, able to contain specific information on each single node of the process, monitoring is able to determine in real time what the node and the individual events, which determine the blocking of the process or the loss of performance on same, planning alarms with various techniques of communication. This feature enables enterprise organizations to minimize network downtime and digital business, giving a productivity lever tremendous growth. This type of service can be provided by Lan & Wan Solutions directly from your NOC also associating the same system services to after-sales support with remote assistance rather than on-site at the customer site. In the case of large companies with their own NOC in HQ, Lan & Wan Solutions designs with the technical team of the customer, building monitoring platforms at the customer site. Where there are no appropriate agents or MIB files to monitor in detail the specific assets, Lan & Wan Solution is available to build special agents / plug-in software, such that reach the required goal.

Lan & Wan Solutions
Lan & Wan Solutions

Additional goals that can be achieved by the application of this model are different:

  • Optimize business operations with real-time visibility of the ongoing processes through the analysis and continuous monitoring of activities
  • Accelerate the completion of the business through advanced collaboration functionality
  • Manage change with confidence thanks to an intuitive governance
  • Provide greater security to the customer deployments , extending the control of business processes also to mobile

They are a great solution to the compendium of Business Process Monitoring further monitoring as:

  • The log analysis and detailed reporting on the security systems implemented
  • Open source freeware for the inventory and asset management
  • Verification and logging of access log AdS for the fulfillment of the privacy law 196/03