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Cabling Restyling

Cabling Restyling Infrastructure is to audit or make a better return-from-chaos of the Rack Cabling/Networking and Server customers, who have seen different mutations and different implementations over time. Often in the racks of data centers, wiring messy, they cause problems of ventilation and mismanagement due to the large number of cables patch cords, telephone wires and power cables, always present and not properly organized. In most cases we notice the absence of suitable accessories for the orderly management of the infrastructure, in addition to a continuing and growing problem as the management of the space inside the racks, which is more saturated and poorly organized with the addition of various devices. The order and cleanliness in your infrastructure, it is important for greater physical security and better management of the users, as well as to facilitate the ICT staff in the diagnostic phase of the wiring rack or operations of new installations or for changes of raises on the patch panel. A reorganization of the rack, through a proper redesign cabling, dramatically reduce future outages making it possible for their data center operators to identify instantly what you need to change or control within the rack by decreasing the waste of time. Ours Company has a long experience in this service, well testified by many important works carried out in time by our technical team. Cabling The redesign is a service Lan & Wan Solutions designed to increase the safety and reliability of all those active and passive devices, usually present in Rack Cabinets, decreasing the problems and ensuring a suitable environment, comfortable and practical change in any situation, making it aesthetically pleasing.

Look at some examples on the results of our cabling makeover before and after surgery

Case A, before Restyling

Case A, after cabling restyling by Lan & Wan Solutions

Case B, before restyling

Case B, after restyling by Lan & Wan Solutions

Case C, before restyling

Case C, after restyling by Lan & Wan Solutions

Case D, before restyling by Lan & Wan Solutions

Case D, after restyling by Lan & Wan Solutions