Lan & Wan Solutions developed an interesting project for 2N intercoms thanks to Mida OperatorConsole solution.

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Mida OperatorConsole video compliance, 2N Helios intercoms flexibility and Lan & Wan Solutions system integration abilities permitted to satisfy an important customer’s needs.

Lan & Wan Solutions developed a project for an important European multinational corporation, which re-quired its 2N Helios IP Verso intercom videocalls to reach company’s receptions. This need emerged be-cause company’s receptionists are supposed not only to have a classic audio conversion with the people at the other side of the intercom, but even to visually recognize them, before letting them in. Thanks to Mida OperatorConsole video compliance and to Lan & Wan Solutions system integration abilities, these needs were easily satisfied.
Now, in case of incoming call from the intercoms connected to the Cisco UCM PBX, reception agents can check who is calling thanks to Mida OperatorConsole softphone mode. Only when the caller have been properly recognized, agents open the access by using a dedicated 2N relay which generates an encryp-ted electric signal.
Mida OperatorConsole and, generally speaking, the whole Mida eFramework UC App Suite (to which the OperatorConsole belongs) can easily satisfy these project requirements. The solution:

  • Is specifically designed for Cisco UCM PBX;
  • Is completely web based and, so, accessible from any device;
  • Provides a complete video compliance, thanks to the softphone mode and to the H.264 high quality video.
Videocitofoni Padova
Videcitofoni Padova

Lan & Wan Solutions: customers technology partner.

LAN & WAN Solutions is a company working in the IT and network market.. Its strength lais in its ability to provid high technology solutions both for new and older structures.
The goal of each of its project is to guarantee to its customers a rapid return on investment, thanks to the proposal efficiency and characteristics. Leveraging on its staff high skills, the company reached a great success: its solutions are known as highly reliable and flexible for those customers with critical needs. In these cases, a stop of the service would bring to high loss in term of costs and, by this, the solutions presented cannot impose limits (neither of time nor of working period).
Lan & Wan solutions are known as a 360° answer for any type of need, from the easier to the more complex ones: a characteristic not to be undervalued having seen that IT is increasingly considered as a solution for various problems. The Padova based Company can boast ICT market leading services: another waranty of its reliability.
YOUR INNOVATION IS OUR GOAL is the mission moving every Lan & Wan’s system integrator to provide the best solution for your needs.
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Mida Solutions is an high quality Italian company, developing solutions for Unified and Professional Communications since 2004. Thanks to its high expertise, the Company offers a complete App Suite for UC, Mida eFramework, with the goal of providing high value added innovative technologies for the communication market.
Its partnership with the biggest IT companies from all over the World allows Mida to present reliable and futureprojected solutions, based on marketing leader technologies.
Leveraging on its staff’s high know-how (the team is composed by engineers for more than the 90%), customers receive a complete support for their installations, allowing them to monitor and signal any problem through a simple but efficient system, underlining a high professionality. Mida Solutions vision brings the Company to take carefully care of its customers’ needs, ensuring the best quality services.
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