Cloud Overview

Cloud Overview

Leverages the agility of virtualization to simplify Security deployments in data centers and in private cloud.

Virtualization offers agility, affordability and scalability for modern Data Center. Virtual Appliance Fortinet feature all common network security services of traditional hardware devices based on leading hypervisors, including VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper – V, KVM, Xen etc…

Fortinet provides the best security appliances, monitoring, analysis in the cloud platforms like Amazon, AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and VMware vCloud air.

Cloud Overview

SDN Overview

Fortinet solutions SDN owns the certification software integration for VMware NSXe Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

Security checks of micro – segmentation can be exercised on the basis of workload and the ‘users’ identities. Our solution provides centralized visibility for the application of policy, recording and reporting. SDDC is built on SDN, where the security of networks can keep up with the agility and efficiency of the modern data center.

SDN virtualizes and extracts the network beyond the simple hypervisor to the essential data fabric. It presents more challenges and opportunities for the deployment of the safety net services to L4 – L7 application services (for example, load balancing). Fortinet integrates VMware NSX and Cisco ACI to support abstraction network security, for the micro – segmentation and the fuel flow.

Cloud Overview

Market Dynamis and Drivers

According to Gartner research, by 2016, all major global companies will use some level of public cloud services. The most common use of cloud services as part of a hybrid on-premise and with theexternal cloud infrastructure. Businesses are increasingly concerned about the security and compliance of their IT environments and are looking for a single security platform that functions through the physical elements for the cloud of their networks.

SDN Security Market Drivers

The rapid adoption of data center virtualization has introduced many security challenges, including:

  • Errors in the security configuration
  • The lack of visibility in the east-west traffic
  • The security change processes can not keep pace with the rate of the workload changes in virtualized environments
  • Significant degradation of the safety performance based on virtual environments

By the end of 2016 according to the latest Gartner research, more than 10,000 companies worldwide ave implemented SDN, an increase of ten times the 2014 SDN helps to address the security challenges:

  • SDN creates consistency, reliability and repeatability of the entire network infrastructure
  • SDN creates multi -tenant , on-demand , topology / standalone device by provisioning
  • SDN is orchestrated using templates, the levels of service for the user and the distribution policy of dynamic applications and rapidly changing

Customers are increasingly looking for security solutions that integrate with SDN orchestrated by APIs.

Cloud Overview

Fortinet Software-Defined Security Delivers Agnostic Platform Compatibility

Support for major SDN and network virtualization function solutions ( VFN ) including VMware NSX , Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure ( ACI ) , HP Virtual Application Networks ( VAN ) and SDN controllers OpenStack.

Scale-Out Elasticity for Hypervisors and Clouds

Enhanced hardware scale-up with ability to scale-out as virtual appliances, providing better visibility and virtual network traffic control. It facilitates scale-out flexibility, automation , and orchestration with containerization inside a virtual machine. It supports all major hypervisors and public cloud.

Agile Platform Orchestration and Automation

Enables the orchestration and the Safety automation for cloud and SDN platforms , integration provides out-of – the-box, and rich extensibility APIs. The security policy is fully applied in the dynamics and logic of the environments.

On-Demand Self-Service

Safety suit with a self-service catalog and in line with the markets.

Single Pane-of-Glass Management

Centrally manage the devices with the core of the data center.

Complete One-Vendor Solution

The security portfolio of Fortinet SDN is optimized to work together for the management and reporting regardless of platform. All Fortinet products share a similar interface helps reduce the learning curve for support teams.

Cloud Overview