Deep Security

Deep Security

Advanced protection for physical servers, virtual and in the cloud

Provides comprehensive protection, adaptive and highly efficient agentless or agent-based, which includes anti – malware, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, web application protection, integrity monitoring and log inspection.

  • Acceleration of virtualization tools
  • Minimizing the impact on safety
  • Compliance at reasonable cost guaranteed
  • Moving to the cloud with confidence
Deep Security

Why do you need?

Deep Security provides advanced security for physical servers, virtual and in the cloud. It protects applications and data from breaches and business disruptions from without resorting to emergency patches. This comprehensive platform for centralized management, helps you simplify security operations, while ensuring regulatory compliance, and increase the ROI of virtualization projects and cloud.

Virtualization server

Boost ROI with server security leader in the field, who are able to make you triple the rate of consolidation for each virtual machine Take advantage of a technology provided by a recognized leader in virtualization security. With integrated security designed for virtual servers, you will be protected without sacrificing performance and management. Deep Security enables you to protect your virtual environment to enjoy the extraordinary efficiency of cloud computing. The safety optimized for virtualization is able to maintain the performance and is ready to increase the density of virtual machines.

Desktop virtualization

Maximize VDI security and performance with implementation options agentless and agent-based Ensure full protection for virtual desktops, maintaining performance and consolidation ratios. Deep Security maximizes the safety for a broad spectrum of virtual desktop scenarios. Security agentless effective for VMware VDI environments (anti-malware, intrusion prevention, web application protection, firewall, and more) provides a footprint unchanged agent Security for a limited impact on the virtual desktop and the underlying host. The agent-based security protects the VMware VDI and virtual desktops in local mode. These options allow flexible VDI security to maximize protection.

Integration NSX

Extend the benefits of microsegmentation

The VMware NSX is the latest advancement in safety of Data Center, made possible by the joint VMware and Trend Micro in the design of a framework of security of last generation. Combining NSX platform and Trend Micro Deep Security promote the automation of security implementations and the ‘increased protection of the virtual environment.

The Data Center software-defined with microsegmentation NSX solves some of the most important issues related to the security of the perimeter. Deep Security extends the benefits of microsegmentation with security policies and features that automatically follow virtual machines regardless of their destination. As a result, the safety position of the virtual machine is completely independent and can run workloads with sensitive data with workloads without sensitive information, because you no longer have to worry about the threats moving sideways through the Data Center.

Virtual patching

Protect vulnerabilities reduce the costs of emergency patch

Hundreds of software vulnerabilities, such as Shellshock and heartbleed, are discovered each month and the timely application of patches is expensive and error-prone. Trend Micro virtual patching provides immediate protection, eliminating the difficulties of distributing emergency patching, frequent patch cycles, and costly disruptions to the system. The Deep Security virtual patching keeps servers and endpoints protected , reducing the risk for the disclosure.

Protection in the Cloud

Controlled and encrypted data in the cloud and validated server access Trend Micro ensures total protection of the cloud, optimized for virtual environments and the cloud. Deep Security integrates with SecureCloud encryption. It is thus obtained a better protection and a lower administrative complexity with improved performance.


Meet the main regulatory requirements from PCI DSS 2.0, HIPAA, NIST, SAS 70 and many other standards.  The complexity and fluidity of server virtualization and desktop have a number of security risks, compliance and performance that require protection and performance specialized and optimized for virtualization. Deep Security provides integrated security solutions for the enterprise operating systems across physical, virtual and in the cloud. Deep Security 8 meets the PCI DSS and provides controls thanks to a unique approach that solves at limited cost the most complex challenges in terms of compliance.



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