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Comprehensive Email Security

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FortiMail 60D, 200D, 400C, 1000D, 3000C and 3000D

Comprehensive Email Security

Proven Security

Equipment FortiMail Virtual Appliance proved powerful security platform for organizations of any size. Built specifically for the most demanding messaging systems , the FortiMail appliances born after years of experience in protecting networks against spam , malware and other threats.

Intelligent Protection

FortiMail prevents your email systems to become delivery systems threats . Its filtering characteristics block spam and malware before it can clog the network , including mobile traffic.

Comprehensive Email Security

  1. Scalable from SMEs to large ISP networks and Carrier
  2. ” Advanced Threat Outbreak ” methods of protection against targeted attacks
  3. Application of the identity-based encryption
  4. “Data Leak Prevention ” , archiving to ensure compliance with SOX , GLBA , HIPAA , PCI DSS
  5. Application security policies at a granular level
  6. Ricezione aggiornamenti di sicurezza in tempo reale da FortiGuard® Services
  7. Industry-leading , best quality price / performance
  8. How to implement flexible architectures that support the widest range of organizations
  9. Threat detection , high level of user protection

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Deployment Options

FortiMail can be implemented in the gateway, and in transparent mode as a mail server in evidence. FortiMail is flexible enough to meet all customer needs.

  • Apply Data Loss Prevention and Identity-Based Encryption

Detects sensitive information using the models of final data and ensures secure distribution without additional hardware or software to install, no user provisioning and no recipient with pre – registration.

  • Prevent Phishing and Other Advanced Threats

Application Inspection embedded URL , top malware and optional integration sandbox to detect highly targeted attacks.

  • Identify and Block Spamming Endpoints

Carrier and Service Providers identify and block spamming.

  • No Per-User or Per-Mailbox Pricing

Multi -layered anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and anti-phishing. Significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

High Performance and Unmatched Flexibility

The FortiMail appliances offer email routing high-performance and security using multiple spam filters with high precision . FortiMail email security provides extremely fast and precise . FortiMail can be deployed in the cloud or locally . This flexibility allows you to deploy FortiMail mode that best fits your environment.

Advanced Threat Protection

“Sandboxing” provides crucial help to thwart attacks highly targeted and tailored that bypass traditional defenses . Help organizations reduce the risk of impairment and violation of data from sophisticated attacks , through the possibility of sharing information with FortiGuard Labs.

Lan & Wan Solutions


  • System

    • Transparency , Gateway and Server mode as deployment options
    • Flexible configuration interface that includes VLAN support
    • Incoming and outgoing inspection
    • Multiple domain Email with the possibility of customization
    • IPv6 and IPv4 support
    • Virtual hosting using the Source and / or Destination IP Address Pool
    • Policy-based Mail Archiving with remote storage options
    • Multilingual support for the Webmail interface and Administrator
    • Email RFC compliance
    • Maintaining local sender
  • Management, logging and reporting

    • QuickStart Wizard
    • Basic / Advanced Management Modes
    • Role-based administration account domain
    • It includes logging activity report
    • Change and configuration management event log
    • Built-in reporting module
    • Centralized logging and reporting with FortiAnalyzer
    • SNMP support using standard and private MIB traps with threshold -Based
    • External Server or server local storage / quarantine on a large scale
  • Antispam Profile

    • FortiGuard Antispam
    • Global analysis Sender Reputation
    • Spam and Phishing
    • Outbreak Protection
    • Greylisting for IPv4 , IPv6 addresses and e-mail accounts
    • Behavioral Analysis and Inspection Email Header
    • FortiGuard full URL Filtering category
    • Scan to PDF and Image Analysis
    • Blacklisting / white , domain and user levels
    • Bayesian filtering Statistical
    • Detection Newsletter


Lan & Wan Solutions has been certified: Fortinet Fortinet Excellence Gold Member and Partner for demonstrating experience in the field and for successfully completing the specialization courses organized by Fortinet.

It also obtained the following qualifications:

  • Certified Experts in FortiAp, FortiWifi and Wireless Security
  • Certified Experts in FortiMail and email security
  • Certified Experts in Fortiweb and web application firewall protection

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