Help Desk Services ICT

Modality of the service

To get the service, all the problems and faults must be reported to the Help Desk of Lan & Wan Solutions. For the ‘acceptance of requests you are available a series of technical-mail addresses or you can open a ticket by calling a dedicated number for assistance. All customers who have a contract with Lan & Wan Solutions have the right to request and obtain a ticket number from the operator who accepts the call.

The Help Desk service provides the following support:

  • Call acceptance
  • Opening of the ticket
  • The problems are assigned to a specific technician who will perform the surgery within the times indicated in the same ticket
  • Enter the confirmation report for taking charge of ‘intervention to the customer within one hour of the call
  • Problem identification
  • Application corrective action
  • The management of the ticket is monitored to ensure the correct delivery
  • Testing with the customer
  • Users are notified of the time and commitment of any occurrences or problems related to the achievement of the solution
  • The solution of the problem is documented and communicated with special status reports on request
  • To resolve your concerns, it is sent to the customer relative confirmation report closing intervention

Hours Helpdesk

The Help Desk service is provided from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00. The monitoring system is active H24, 7 days 7, for customers who agree the activation of a separate contract. The escape of the ticket will be scheduled on center or on site at the customer, depending on the type of problem. The Help Desk provides the assignment of the ticket within one hour from the acceptance of the call (forwarded according to the above criteria) and send the same to the customer via e-mail. Interventions Center ON and ON Site will be scheduled according to the SLA under contract with the customer. In the presence of additional agreements (eg. Hardware support contract, security contract assisted activation option extra service time, etc.), the start of the intervention will be planned according to the option contract signed. The technical staff of Lan & Wan Solutions does not provide system services on missing products of regular licenses.