lan & wan solutions


Lan & Wan Solutions is the ideal technology partner to design and implement complex architectures of IT technologies. The brands and the solutions provided are different, according to customer requirements

Microsoft Server

Microsoft multidomain architectures with additions of servers on different platforms and network management services through active directories.

lan & wan solutions
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Linux Server

Solutions Linux Server as a front end to Internet resources for publication or for special applications on the internal LAN. Linux platforms selected by Lan & Wan Solutions are always free unlimited.

Debian Linux Server
Linux Server Centos
Linux Server Ubuntu

Database Server

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server, Postgress Server

Microsoft SQL Server Database Server
Microsoft SQL Server Database Server
PostgreSQL Database Server Linux

Mail Server

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Exchange On Line
  • Linux Appliance Postfix
  • FortiMail
Microsoft Exchange Mail Server
FortiMail Security Mail Server
Demone posta PostFix Mail Server

Patch Provisioning

Software platforms for the delivery of updates, patches and bug fixes automated and centralized.

Datacenter Management Delivery aggiornamenti Patch Bug Fix Patch Provisioning
Spice Works Network Monitoring Help Desk Active Directory
System Manager Meraki Cisco System Management

Office Automation

  • Microsoft Office, Office 365, Google Apps
Microsoft Office365 business Office Automation
Microsoft Office365 business Office Automation
Office Automation Google Apps

Storage & File Server

Solutions SAN, NAS and Cluster made with major industry leaders.

Iperconvergenza Nutanix Consolidamento Infrastruttura Server

Fax Server

GFI Fax Server, Microsoft Fax Server, Fax Server Linux.

GFI fax server
Microsoft Windows Server
Asterisk Fax Server Linux

Web Server

    Linux Apache Server,
    Microsoft Internet Information Server.
Web Server Linux Apache
Microsoft IIS Internet Information Server


Multifunction printers, Thin Client, Smartphone, Tablet, Server, SAN, NAS, PC, Notebook, Hardware and Software ICT varied according to customer requirements.

GE Capital Italia
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