Industrial data and the Internet of things

Understanding the world of connected devices.

Counters of smart energy, medical devices, and related buildings and intelligent transport systems are connecting to global networks at a pace never seen before. The data generated by these connected devices contain an important economic value, but it is often difficult to access, understand and take action on the incredible volume and variety of these data. The solutions we propose are specifically prepared to acquire detailed operational information from the world of connected devices and provide a single platform for all your machine data. Lan & Wan Solutions offers scalable and flexible solutions that allow you to get immediate value from industrial data and exploit the information of the Internet of things. Analyze, solve problems and understand thoroughly, and constantly, connected devices that support your business, whatever your industry. From a laptop to the cloud, the proposed solutions can grow with your network devices. From your first prototype to your thousandth (or even one millionth) distributed device, you can scale from the laboratory to the Internet and indexed by analyzing terabytes of data from devices per day, for every single instance. As you distribute devices and services, you can connect to the Internet through the solutions of Cisco and platforms such as Splunk Enterprise, based on the volume of daily indexing that grows with your data, make sure that you will pay for analyzing only the devices and distributed systems . There is also a free version of Splunk that allows you to index up to 500 megabytes of data per day.


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