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Mida Operator Console

lan & wan solutions

Midas OperatorConsole is the software solution for the Midas Operator (PO).

The console facilitates the work of operators, improving their efficiency through a web based interface, intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to manage in a practical and effective multiple calls simultaneously. The console has been designed both for operators and for able-bodied workers to visually impaired and blind. It can be activated in traditional solutions at the end user ( on premises ) or can be integrated in hosted solutions ( UCaaS ).

Main features

The attendant console for Midas is compatible with leading Unified Collaboration platforms that support the SIP standard, such as Cisco UCM, BroadWorks, Nuvia and Asterisk. The console Mida supports both mode “classical” control of a physical telephone is the soft-phone mode in which the PC operator replaces the physical phone.

Choosing the console Mida Solutions will have:

  • accessibility from any device (PC, Mac and tablet);
  • Seatless option that allows the operator to use his profile even if it changes location;
  • Web based solution that allows you to activate the services without having to install any software; service management via a centralized web, reducing the cost of implementation and administration;
  • Full accessibility for visually impaired operators, certified by the Czechs F. Cavazza;
  • localization in multiple languages ​​(Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese);
lan & wan solutions
lan & wan solutions
lan & wan solutions

Cisco MediaSense and turrets IP Trade T4

Cisco MediaSense and turrets for traders and command & control of IP Trade can now interact with the gateway Mida Solutions!

Project for 2N Intercoms


The fax server included in the suite Midas eFramework allows to integrate fax with email business , provides a front-end web and ensures the digital storage of all documents sent and received!