Mobile Security BYOD

Gain visibility and control over mobile devices, apps and data

Trend Micro ™ Mobile Security offers you the control BYOD approach integrating mobile device management, mobile security, data protection and management applications, all in a single easy to manage solution. By integrating with the console Trend Micro Control Manager allows you to centralize policy and management related to endpoint security Trend Micro OfficeScan overall and other Trend Micro solutions for a comprehensive security strategy.

It extends protection to mobile devices, apps and data.

It allows IT to configure, manage and monitor protection against threats and data from a single console.

Managed as a standalone solution or integrated with other Trend Micro products using Trend Micro Control Manager.

It reduces IT costs and complexity thanks to the activation of a unified security platform endpoints.

It protects a wide range of mobile platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Mobile Security BYOD

What does it do?

Mobile Security BYOD
Mobile Security BYOD

Take control with the BYOD Mobile Security, MDM and management app Protect, measured, monitored and managed the class of employees consumer mobile devices, mobile apps and business data.

With our 4-in-1 you can balance activation of user devices and IT control  Mobile device management

  • It improves visibility and control with views snapshots of compliance, inventory, protection and health of devices.
  • It allows the IT department to record, perform provisioning and deprovisioning and detect devices.
  • Authorizes communication between devices and the criteria for groups that enable the uniform application of safety requirements.  

Mobile device security

  • Blocks malware and malicious Web sites with anti-malware solutions and Web Reputation leader.
  • It detects attacks that penetrate through applications, ports and network services using firewalls and IDS.
  • Monitor, block, and log calls, SMS and MMS messages sent to and from the devices based on user criteria.
  • It improves visibility and control of iOS devices with a new iOS app for Trend Micro Mobile Security.

Management of mobile applications

  • It offers blacklisting functionality and application whitelisting to prevent or allow the use of mobile apps.
  • It Allows IT to manage and block specific types of apps based on categories.
  • Identifies and blocks risky Android apps thanks to Trend Micro Mobile Application Reputation Service, contained in the Smart Protection Network. It distributes apps to end-user devices to accelerate the use of optional or necessary business apps.
  • It ensures the management and inventory documentation for greater visibility of the app used on multiple devices, groups or companies.
  • Active detection, management and implementation of programs and iOS devices purchased in large quantities.

Data Protection

It protects data on lost or stolen devices with remote locking and deletion, selective erasure and detection capabilities of the devices. Apply criteria DLP, encryption and compliance to get the hang of the devices with jailbreak or not encrypted. It Allows IT to block risky capabilities of mobile devices such as cameras, Bluetooth and SD card readers.

Why it’s better

Trend Micro Mobile Security is designed to protect your private corporate data, the first goal today, no matter where they go. With our 4-in- 1 you can discover, monitor, manage and secure smartphones, tablets, and especially the valuable data they contain. We have integrated data protection levels that are unobtainable in the autonomous MDM solutions and mobile security. Even our security for mobile devices, the management of such devices (MDM) and application management capabilities are designed to guarantee the security of data against theft or accidental loss.

Preventing Data Loss

    • It protects corporate data with the blocking and deletion remotely, the selective deletion or the location of the device in case of threat or loss of the device.
    • Implements the prevention of data loss criteria (DLP), encryption of data and compliance.
    • Notification to the IT department for devices with jailbreak or not encrypted.
    • It allows IT to block or allow functionality of mobile devices such as cameras , Bluetooth and SD card readers.

Reacquisition of critical visibility and control of your mobile devices and data

    • It Allows IT to detect and manage mobile devices, apps and data from a single console.
    • It provides data on the number, type and configuration of the devices accessing corporate resources, whether they are registered or not.
    • It supports a comprehensive strategy for endpoint security by integrating with the console Trend Micro Control Manager for centralized policy and management for Trend Micro solutions.

Reduction of operating costs

    • Saves time and money with centralized visibility and control of the management of devices and applications, security and data protection , all in a single solution.
    • Simplifies deployment leveraging the Trend Micro Cloud Communication Server, an optional in-the – cloud service that automates communications and reduces deployment complexity.
    • It reduces the costs of acquiring telephone with BYOD approach.

Improved productivity and flexibility of the staff

    • Increases productivity and flexibility of employees and business competitiveness because it allows users to choose the mobile device they prefer and who can use.
    • It Allows IT to deliver the most productive applications to all devices , so employees have the best equipment to carry out their tasks efficiently, while drawing up blacklists of app unproductive.

Risk reduction for safety

    • Minimizes the risk of compromised devices thanks to industry-leading protection against malware and Web threats, backed by information on the in-the – cloud threat provided by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.
    • It ensures proper configuration of security devices and implementation to reduce the risk of malware.
    • It Allows IT to block the use of the app risky and allows approved apps.
Mobile Security BYOD


Mobile Security BYOD

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