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Network Wireless Survey

Make a Wireless Network Site Survey Wireless is important because it allows you in the long run to save time and money for your business. Using the latest industry tools and techniques to delineate the coverage of radio frequency wireless we provide our customers with a complete documentation on all aspects. Only after a Wireless Network Survey professional you will have the tools to design a wireless network completely scalable and secure. This analysis can be of great benefit for network managers who need to allocate a budget for the future. We are able to carry out a Wireless Survey on any type and brand of plant Lan Wi-Fi. This testing is essential to correctly implement a WiFi network with 99.999 % availability. Unfortunately too many WiFi networks do not work as expected.

lan & wan solutions
lan & wan solutions

Coverage Maps

After a Wireless Network Survey is possible record: the information from all key areas of a wireless network, the strengths of the received signal, the locations of the access points, RF interference and noise levels. This information allows the choice of the “Access Point” and a their optimal configuration able to transmit the power levels to create a wireless network more effective. In order to have the certainty for a correct WiFi coverage, we suggest to carry out the operation Wireless Network Suvey, even after the construction of a plant with the various active WiFi client.

Spectrum Analysis / RF Interference

An analysis of the full spectrum includes detecting, measuring and recording the presence of RF interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network. Interference, the sensors of the burglar alarm systems, Bluetooth devices and wireless can have a profound impact on a wireless network.

  • RF Interference
  • Measurement of SNR
  • RF power peaks
  • WiFi Channel interference
  • WiFi Channel Overlap

The measurements are the following:

  • Detecting, measuring and recording the presence of RF interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network
  • Calculate the speed of data transfer supported by the WiFi which can be provided in the entire property
  • Location of access points
  • Wireless bridge locations
  • Antennas and other wireless devices
  • Co -location of WiFi access points with the selection of the channel and its reuse
  • Information such as antenna selection, orientation and polarization
  • Analysis: refraction, multipath, hidden nodes, dead spots, etc.

The documentation of the wireless site survey includes:

Detailed data collected from the survey

  • Photographs of the positions of where to allocate the various AP
  • Maps WiFi RF coverage
  • Details RF interference
  • WiFi equipment
lan & wan solutions

Your Wi-Fi network has the abnormal behavior ? Want to design a Wi-Fi network without any risk ? Contact us , our experts will be at your disposal Wireless for a thorough environmental analysis