Lan & Wan Solutions

Piron Srl digitizes the company renewing its computer system thanks to Lan & Wan Solutions


The company Piron leader in cooking solutions, completely refresh their IT infrastructure and telecommunications system, pushing to the maximum business productivity, through an ICT system, designed and developed by Lan & Wan Solutions. The new facility brings the computer systems of Piron, high reliability, significantly reducing the possible risks of firm business because of computer failures and simultaneously optimizes all business processes based on a new system of digitization and strong collaboration between the various users corporate network.

A bit of history

The company was founded in 2006 in the province of Padua, in a short time has become a leading actor in the field of cooking solutions. In 2007 Piron Srl has presented to the public on important international fairs as Hosteco Barcelona and Host Milan. In 2008 he continued his activities enriching the number of samples available and in the three years to follow with continuous improvement and increase the range of products available in your portfolio. In recent years, the Padua-based company has managed to acquire key customers and win entrature strategic markets.

Main Objectives of the Project

    1. Implementation of a new server platform and storage high reliability for the optimal use of applications and server environments
    2. Optimization of procedures for disaster recovery and backup
    3. Preparing thin client system with excellent performance even remotely
    4. Optimization of access and use client side of business applications
    5. Preparation of a system of data loss prevention for the protection of computer databases containing company patents, commercial offers and projects
    6. Optimization of energy consumption and cost ICT system telecommunications
    7. Startup of a system of unified communications and collaboration
Lan & Wan Solutions

An ICT Project 360 degrees

Technological renovation which saw share , Lan & Wan Solutions such as System Integrator and Piron as a client, has hit a bit ‘ all aspects of ICT business:

  1. Reconstruction of a power line to the prime power devices and telecommunication.
  2. Setting standards and implementation of structured cabling system in the customer’s premises.
  3. Creating a data center air-conditioned with innovative technology, to push to the maximum energy savings on consumption and cooling machines, with constant control dell’enviroment.
  4. Server Farm in full redundancy for high reliability, without neglecting any aspect, and going to redound also all the elements concerning the power supply with dual UPS and double pdu to deploy redundant power.
  5. Porting architecture servers in a virtual environment, to give the plant ‘s IT Piron, maximum flexibility for future expansion and future to create an environment suitable to the high reliability and the thin client technologies.
  6. The first startup of a project thin clients, to optimize the use of client-side applications and give the user maximum availability of business information systems even remotely out of the company.
  7. Implementing a backup solution and replication performance, such as to secure full corporate data.
  8. Adaptation to a very good level of security, with a solution Antivirus Centralized system of UTM appliances and a powerful Data Loss Prevention, which guarantees the customer that all sensitive data contained in the database and system files are useless without specific consent by the company.
  9. Addendum wired data infrastructure of a Wi-Fi network, with full coverage of all areas of the office, giving a strong integration to all mobile devices to the computer network of Piron.
  10. Startup of a powerful Unified Communications and Collaboration where the customer with a single interface is able to use all enterprise communications systems, solving problems headings not centralized, harmonizing the collaboration between colleagues and integrating the voice system in the plant iT, where now you can always see the presence of all users, chat, edit contacts, manage telephone calls pianificandole or analyzing them.

“We needed to find a new supplier of ICT, which did take off our system and was following as Main contractor. The strong revenue growth that saw Piron Srl, becoming the market leader in professional ovens in recent years, has resulted in the need of having to make a qualitative leap in our. infrastructure and telecommunications.” says Amelia Fiorenzato – AD of Piron Srl, which goes on to say: “Lan & Wan Solutions followed us very well in all phases of the upgrade, bringing all our digitization needs and securing corporate data, in a valuable project that came to fruition in a very short time. We have seen in this supplier, a great professional and a great flexibility in being able to provide answers to all targeted the most urgent requests which must be satisfied under tight deadlines. We are pleased with the results and we are continuing with Lan & Wan Solutions to look towards new technological solutions in order to further improve …”

Amelia Fiorenzato – AD Piron Srl

“In reviewing our technological infrastructure we asked Lan & Wan Solutions, to go beyond the simple protections that are normally taken. “Says David Tommasin IT Manager of Piron Srl and continues:” The request was made explicit through the application of macro 3 solutions: a centralized antivirus system, can control all environments server/client, including control of any malaware also the e-mail system, a UTM appliance can be an effective barrier as corporate firewall, rather than a valid system for creating VPN for remote connectivity, or the ability to use this protection for controls such as web / content filtering rather than IDS / IPS an advanced data loss prevention ”

David Tommasin IT Manager Piron Srl

Lan & Wan Solutions

Data Center High Availability

The design of the new data center of Piron was prepared by Lan & Wan Solutions in detail. Do not we stopped to single server redundancy and St. for data protection, but it went far beyond providing the redundancy of each element. So also all aspects of power supply have been providing redundant power supply distributed on double doubles PDU and UPS. Although all the elements of connectivity as the core switches, rather than UTM appliances for the Internet connection and remote users, were expected to double to give solution reliability.

“In addition to building a data center to the customer who was completely redundant in each element, we put all the elements critical ICT being monitored H24 by the ns. NOC, located at our headquarters in Vigodarzere. This solution allows us to be alerted in real time to a front of any failure rather than loss of performance on any of the client’s assets…”

He explains the general manager of Lan & Wan Solutions Luigi Pedrotta. “Also in the project was also given importance to energy saving, creating a conditioning solution” In Row “where the air is directly fired on the front of the rack (corridor of cold air) while the back of the rack is taken directly to source the hot air (hot aisles) which is immediately taken up by the system, to avoid mixing hot / cold air. The fan speed and the cooling power self-configures itself through an environmental control unit, which with appropriate probes senses the temperature and the humidity of the air in the engine room. All devices in the data center are covered by a maintenance contract, through Lan & Wan Solutions, guarantees the customer for replacement of any defective part in certain times.”

Lan & Wan Solutions

The Ambient Client

One of several innovations that this project has resulted in computer systems company Piron, was the implementation in the new virtual environment solution Microsoft, on Windows 2012 for Remote Desktop Services. This choice is due to the strategy of enhancing the released hardware or system used, the applications normally used by the user. Currently there are still many workstations classic that see the use of a PC, but the choices made will increasingly Piron the opportunity to be able to bring their applications in Thin Client mode enabling users to use devices with different hardware and a great diversity of operating systems. This technology was also successful in using applications remotely over data lines is not always efficient.

Thanks to the project by Lan & Wan Solutions , Piron Srl was awarded the final Smau Padova 2014