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The Fortinet Cybersecurity Platform

FORTINET Cybersecurity PLATFORM provides protection end-to-end for users, for networks, for Data Center and Cloud. Its processing ASIC-based Security and Network Operating System (FortiOS) allows multiple modes of distribution from a single device. The FortiGate can be configured to be Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) in several ways: on the edge of a network, high-speed Data Center Firewall (DCFW) for high-volume environments, for an internal network firewall (INFW) and to protect key resources from threats that can evade perimeter defenses. The FortiGate devices can also be used as a unified threat management to protect remote sites or highly distributed networks can be deployed as virtual machines for SDN and cloud environments. The FortiGate hardware devices starting with our entry-level FortiGate UTM Series 30-90. The FortiGate mid-range from 100 to 800 Series are ideal for mid-range applications NGFW. Finally, the FortiGate of the series 1000 to 5000 can be used to NGFW, DCFW or implementations INFW. We also offer a number of options that support VM hypervisors and cloud platforms, including VMware, VMX, Hyper-V, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The research team Fortinet FortiGuard Labs, provides up-to-date threat information and coordinating devices Fortinet worldwide. Security applications include: intrusion prevention, application control, web filtering, antivirus, protection against advanced threats (Sandboxing) botnet IP Protection, Anti-spam and Vulnerability Management. Protection Framework enables the sharing of threat analysis and mitigation through endpoints, e-mail, the Web and the Net. This platform can also be extended to provide secure wireless access. Solutions Data Center Fortinet are designed to protect applications from the latest threats and to provide acceleration technologies that make them responsive and reliable. The management platform Fortinet provides tools to simplify deployments, update your security settings throughout the network and obtain detailed reports on threats.

lan & wan solutions

NGFW and Advanced Threat Protection

Next Generation Firewall ( NGFWS ) provides the visibility and control to users on application and network threats. NGFWS integrated ” sandbox ” makes even more profound analysis to detect sophisticated malware.

lan & wan solutions

The threat landscape is intensifying and is driving organizations to add additional security to their network edge, including IPS, application control, web filtering, AV, sandboxing and more. Next Generation Firewall (NGFWs) offers a way to improve security, control and visibility of the periphery in a single consolidated platform. NGFWs the most advanced integrate with other products distributed in different places. NGFWs Fortinet offer IPS and Web filtering, antivirus security, IP. Also integrate directly with FortiSandbox, a NSS Labs Sandbox recommended. Both FortiGate FortiSandbox that work together with FortiMail, FortiClient and FortiGuard Labs for a more effective approach to break the chain of advanced attacks.

Market Dynamics and Drivers

More Advanced Attacks Create Greater Risk for Data Breaches

There were approximately 80,000 security incidents with 2,122 data breaches reported and confirmed in 2014. 700 million records have been lost , all is about $ 400 million dollars in losses for companies . In 2014 , there were about 170 million malware attacks . The average loss for a violation of the 1000 record is between $ 52K and $ 87K and the average loss in the event of breach of 1 million records is between $ 892K and $ 1.77m.

Customers Want Better Security in Consolidated High Performance Solutions

77% of IT managers consider that have enhanced security and ‘ a high-priority issue . Integrated solutions and consolidated reduce complexity , the workload and the costs necessary to support increased network perimeter security . Customers want integrated solutions that support new security while ensuring high flow velocity.

Confirmed data breaches and 700 million records lost in 2014

lan & wan solutions

Of IT executives consider advanced threat protection a critical or high priority

lan & wan solutions

NGFWs will represent 90% of new enterprise firewall purchases
by end of 2018

lan & wan solutions


lan & wan solutions


It protects and controls access to the network and traffic with NSS Labs Next Generation Firewalls Performance ( 5 times faster on average ).

lan & wan solutions


It detects and prevents advanced attacks that can bypass traditional defenses Top -rated (NSS Labs), 99 % effectiveness to detect violations. NGFW integration with FortiGate , FortiMail eFortiClient for advanced protection.

Other Products

lan & wan solutions
lan & wan solutions


Top-rated NGFW Platform, Delivering the Highest Performance and Value 

The solution of the industry ‘s most recommended Fortinet platform NGFW .

Top-rated Integrated Sandbox

The FortiSandbox NSS Labs, provides 99 % effective in detecting violations by providing a complete system that integrates FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiClient and other solutions. It can adapt to any customer environment, it is available with the choice FortiSandbox physical and virtual appliances or as a cloud service.

Complete One-Vendor Solution to Advanced Threats

FortiMail provides a secure email gateway highly effective. FortiClient offers protection top-rated endpoint.


Lan & Wan Solutions has been certified: Fortinet Fortinet Excellence Gold Member and Partner for demonstrating experience in the field and for successfully completing the specialization courses organized by Fortinet.

It also obtained the following qualifications:

  • Certified Experts in FortiAp, FortiWifi and Wireless Security
  • Certified Experts in FortiMail and email security
  • Certified Experts in Fortiweb and web application firewall protection