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The new location, safe, simple, flexible working, economic and Cloud Ready

Today, virtualization and cloud are a real opportunity for companies of all sizes: what has changed? How has the work station?

Change ‘architectures’…

Cost savings, ease of management, security, scalability, and predisposition to a ‘mobile usage’ of your desk, are the needs that during these years have led many companies to consider virtualization projects and research of cloud resources. To take advantage of the architecture of this type, however, until a few years ago were used large very advanced technological resources and expertise. Today things have changed, evolved technologies and has experienced a profound transformation of the delivery methods of the same. The installation of in-house virtualization architecture gives way to fruition hybrid cloud type and even small businesses can have access to this type of technology while avoiding the financial and technological barriers to entry that before the afflicted.

…  And change the location jobs

In parallel with the ‘architecture’ also evolve desktops and thin clients is in a growing number of situations the perfect answer to give its users a tool that is under total control of the company, with high safety standards, easily reconfigurable and updated centrally. The use of a Thin Client also allows significant savings, both for the type of hardware construction that is more durable, both for energy saving that allows.

  • From the virtual desktop to the cloud resource, ask why Thin or Zero Client is the key to achieving a functional work station, efficient and economicaresistente, both for energy saving which allows.
  • The advantages of a thin client structure: the reliability, management at the Thin Client as part of the energy efficiency process of the company.
  • We speak together of cases of success of our customers in the use of Thin Client for the realization of workstations.