Easy Migration from Windows 2003 Print Servers


With the end of the Windows Server 2003 support, many of our Microsoft customers need to migrate their old server to the latest operating systems. This also applies to the Windows 2003 print server for many administrators is a significant moment and logistical challenge, the experts at Lan & Wan Solutions will gladly support during migration by eliminating unnecessary legacy systems and outdated infrastructure.

Perfect Print Management for Service Providers

Our customers expect fast and reliable printing when using our cloud services. Lan & Wan Solutions for this reason expands its range of services to include management solutions to offer customers an efficient printing. Expanding our hosting services with a safe return, users get quality and fast prints, also guaranteed with advanced features and special fonts.  

“For us ThinPrint is an essential part of our product portfolio, the press is extremely important for our customers.”

Luigi Pedrotta, CEO Lan & Wan Solutions

The print jobs are transmitted at the highest levels of compression and optimized for the available bandwidth. The compression rates of ThinPrint ensure that the amount of transmitted print data are minimized without any impact on quality. Thanks to a bandwidth management connection-oriented, you always have full control over how much bandwidth you want to allocate to the print data stream. “For us, the reliability of the system is the decisive factor. Our customers rightly demand stable applications in addition to fast and reliable printing. With ThinPrint, both work excellently, even with large print jobs.”

ThinPrint allows printing regardless of whether customers use Windows PCs, Macs, laptops, thin/zero client, tablet or smartphone. Thanks to ThinPrint mobile printing capabilities, customers can also print with iPhone and iPad. ThinPrint ensures the highest levels of security while printing. Print jobs are securely transmitted with SSL encryption ensures that confidential documents are fully protected.


Print Management in an Instant


Migrating the instant print server

It is planned the migration of the print server? For example, because support for Windows Server 2003 ended? Within a few minutes, you can configure a new print server with all the settings. The management services ensure that the system is completely clean and avoid the negative effects of previous configurations.

Universal management tool – ideal for Service Providers

It includes print management in any print environment, and no matter whether with or without a central print server. It does not need to be in the same domain of managed printers and print servers. optimized work Several administrators can work on multiple tasks simultaneously without interruption. Multi-user capability significantly reduces the burden on IT departments.

Error Prevention

Automatic configuration avoids manual entry errors and printing problems that result. This significantly reduces the demands helpdesk related to printing, even in case of errors, they are easily identifiable by registration and are resolved quickly.

Efficient disaster recovery

In case of problems, the print server will be reset immediately to ensure that your printing environment is fully functional.

ThinPrint Mobile Print

ThinPrint Mobile Print allows users who use the iPad and iPhone to print directly from any remote and virtual desktop session for local printers.

Flexible Print

You can print to your printer from any smartpone nearby AirPrintTM, no matter if you’re in an office, at home or when visiting a branch. A notification lets you know about new jobs, and guarantees to enjoy an intuitive printing experience. Print easily and continue to work as before, as if you never even left the session.

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ThinPrint – Simply Better

The ThinPrint technology is based on over a decade of experience with tens of thousands of businesses. Print System ThinPrint greatly takes away the pressure on the IT department and significantly increases performance by allowing you to save on some costs.


ThinPrint for Enterprises


ThinPrint for Administrators


ThinPrint for Users


ThinPrint for Service Providers

The ten points of the ThinPrint solutions


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