lan & wan solutions

Training on the Job

This service enables companies to accelerate the growth of its technological skills without interrupting production. Service training on the job, consists in placing a development team (one or more) in the implementation activities of Lan & Wan Solutions, completing the course of canon formation defined by the study and individual experience or not accessible in the execution the daily work at the company.

What is needed?

To avoid any errors due to inexperience. Start a project using a new digital technology or simply learn a new technology that does not yet have the complete mastery, avoiding the elimination of risks, ranging from the choice of the wrong priorities to schedule overruns. Define a project using the services of ICT training on the job of Lan & Wan Solutions means, in very practical terms, be accompanied by one or more experts during all stages of project implementation. We see how, step by step.

How does it work?

During the implementation phase, one or more system builders Lan & Wan Solutions, will join for a period of time, with your operational staff, which will follow step by step all the implementation phases. In addition, you may establish regular meetings with Vs. responsible, to assess the progress of work and discuss with the entire team of the customer involved, the development of the project and any problems encountered in the transfer of know now. The goal of these meetings is not to act as project manager, but promptly identify any gaps in terms of skills and fill them, by considering ways to change methods or identifying the need to adapt external courses with the preparation of the client team during the year the training on the job. At the end, the goal achieved is twofold: it reaches the project albeit with new technologies not known to the customer’s staff, and simultaneously ensures the transfer of experience that will allow the same operations team assisted in the training on the job, to keep the solution implemented effectively and independently meet with success similar achievements.