Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Servers

Maximum protection and reduced complexity for mail servers, files, clients and mobile devices

Companies rely on their presence on the web to interact with customers, partners and colleagues every day. This use, however, represents a major challenge for IT administrators that the protection of clients, servers, and mail servers have to handle in a timely manner, that is the main contact point. Maintaining separate security solutions for these protection points increases cost, risk and complexity. For this, you must have a business security solution that integrates the protection of mail servers and endpoints to optimize safety and minimize the complexity and costs.

Reduce Risk with Integrated protection of mail servers and endpoints Sophisticated malware exploits multiple points of access, for this, the only effective response is a layered defense.

Trend Micro Enterprise Security of Endpoints and Mail Servers provides a single integrated solution that protects mail servers, file servers, clients and mobile devices against many threats.

  • It reduces the rate of infection by 62% of the points with a layered defense.
  • Block spam and blocks access to malicious Web sites.
  • It supports regulatory compliance with content filtering and anti-malware.

Cap increase with threat information increasingly

Complex threats are striking faster and force than ever before. Trend Micro offers the best protection against cyber threats on the market today guaranteed by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network which, as shown by independent tests, is able to stop more threats in real-world computing environments.

  • It provides immediate protection with information about Web threats, emails and files.
  • Block the latest threats before they can penetrate the network and damage the company.

Reduction of complexity with an ideal protection for the corporate environment

Maintain a uniform safety on a distributed and diverse network environment is extremely difficult. Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Servers provides to a multi-level management, flexible configuration options and high scalability. It offers broad platform support for etereogenei environments while minimizing complexity. Fully integrates with industry-leading offerings from Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM Lotus. Save Money with Cost Now more than ever, you need to cut costs. A very high percentage of the costs incurred by a company comes from the time that IT staff dedicated to the acquisition, deployment and management of content protection. Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Mail Servers Endpoits and will save you time and money thanks to a consolidated protection and excellent administrative efficiency. It reduces the cost of the standard disinfection procedures significantly reducing the rate of infection of endpoints and automating disinfecting malware and spyware. It reduces the need to rely on conventional antivirus signatures thereby easing the administrative burden. Optimizes efficiency with management functions.



Protection Points

  • Mail Servers
  • File server
  • Client
  • Mobile

Threat Protection

  • Viruses and Trojan horses
  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Spyware, rootkits and bots
  • Web threats
  • Spam and Phishing
  • Inappropriate content


  • It reduces risk thanks to comprehensive protection from termination point to a mail server.
  • It offers immediate protection of information on threats in-the-cloud technology.
  • It reduces infection rates by 62% endpoint.
  • Significantly reduces the cost of managing security
  • It offers scalability, configurability and support for enterprise platforms.
  • Block spam and blocks access to malicious Web sites.

Maximum protection of endpoints and email servers

Multi-level protection


  • ScanMail – Suite For Microsoft Exchange, supported platforms: Windows, stops spam and spyware at the mail server level.
  • ScanMail – Suite for Lotus -Domino, supported platforms: Windows, Linux, stops spam and spyware at the mail server level.


  • OfficeScan, supported platforms: Windows, protecting Windows servers ServerProtect for Windows / Novell NetWare, supported platforms: Windows, NetWare, protecting Windows and NetWare file servers.
  • ServerProtect for Linux, supported platforms: Linux, protecting Linux file servers.


  • Office Scan, supported platforms: Windows, protecting Windows clients
  • Intrusion Defense Firewall, supported platforms: Windows, Advantage: Systems proactive HIPS and vulnerability shielding.
  • Mobile Security (Standard), supported platforms: Windows, Mobile, Symbian, protects data and applications on smartphones and PDAs.
  • Security for Mac, Apple Macintosh, Macintosh protects customers from malware and blocks malicious Web sites. MANAGEMENT Advanced Control Manager, supported platforms: Windows, manages a centralized protection


  • Advanced Control Manager, supported platforms: Windows, manages a centralized protection

Minimum system requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the page for Enterprise Security for Endpointes and Mail Servers at:

Suite of solutions Trend Micro

  • Enterprise Security Suite
  • Enterprise Security fort Endpoints and Mail Servers
  • Enterprise Security for Endpoints
  • Enterprise Security for Gateways
  • Enterprise Security for Communication and Collaboration

Trend Micro Enterprise Security

Trend Micro Enterprise Security is a tightly integrated offering of products, services and solutions for content protection provided by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. Together they deliver maximum protection from emerging threats and reduce to a minimum the cost and complexity of security management.