Fortinet Wan Optimization

Fortinet Wan Optimization

Companies implementing FortiOS to protect the traffic of their sites through the cloud, can use WAN Optimization to provide answers and fast and secure applications.

Centralize without compromising your WAN performance

Many corporate environments, with multiple locations. to reduce costs and consolidate resources of applications centralize the supply of applications in the Cloud.

Remote sites do not always have access to broadband, but users expect excellent performance from the network. Improved performance and minimize user impact is particularly important when applications designed for local area networks (LAN) are on the Cloud. Even applications that work well on a local LAN, such as Windows File Sharing (CIFS), email exchange (MAPI) and many others, suffer from bandwidth limitations and latency problems when you access a wide area network (WAN). This results in a loss of productivity and the need is felt of expensive network upgrades. WAN Optimization FortiOS provides an affordable and easy to implement. FortiOS is commonly deployed in central offices, satellite offices and in the Cloud to provide secure communications across a WAN using IPSec or SSL VPN. This installed infrastructure can be used to add more value by using WAN Optmization and protect WAN traffic.

FortiOS WAN Optimization

FortiOS includes free license WAN Optimization across multiple FortiGate devices. The multi-site organizations or businesses that use the cloud can now provide WAN Optimization using FortiOS. WAN Optimization is a comprehensive solution that maximizes your WAN with excellent performance. It provides the management of bandwidth with high safety performance. WAN Optimization reduces overheads and removes unnecessary traffic for a better overall experience. The efficient use of the bandwidth improves the performance of applications and removes the need for expensive WAN links.

Fortinet Wan Optimization

Protocol optimization

Protocol optmization is effective for applications that do not work well on low- bandwidth high- latency networks designed for the LAN. FortiOS Protocol optmization improves the efficiency of CIFS, FTP, HTTP, MAPI and general TCP sessions.

Fortinet Wan Optimization

Protocol optmization is effective for applications that do not work well on low- bandwidth high- latency networks designed for the LAN. FortiOS Protocol optmization improves the efficiency of CIFS, FTP, HTTP, MAPI and general TCP sessions.

CIFC is a protocol that requires many transactions to transfer a single file. During the file transfer, CIFS sends small pieces of data and waits for the arrival of each block and their acknowledgment before sending the next file. This large amount of traffic it may delay the transfers. FortiOS CIFS WAN Optimization eliminates this procedure and get the file transfer. TCP protocol optimization uses techniques such as SACK support, window scaling, and the window size adjustment and finally the connection pool to remove WAN TCP.

Web caching

Every time a user gets information from the central file repository using valuable resources. FortiOS WAN Optimization reduces download times by adding web caching WAN Optimization. There is a zero impact on the WAN, resulting in reduced latency for the file you want to download. FortiOS Web Caching also recognizes the demands of Windows or MS-Office updates and download the new update file. Once downloaded, the new update file is available for all users and all subsequent requests for this update are quickly downloaded from the cache. byte caching Byte caching improves storage cache in accelerating the transfer.

Byte Caching

Byte Caching speeds up multiple downloads of different e-mail messages with the same declination of corporate responsibility, by downloading the disclaimer on the WAN and then downloading all subsequent denials from a local FortiGate units. Byte caching reduces the amount of data traversing the WAN when multiple e-mail messages are downloaded from a corporate mail servers in different locations on the WAN.

Fortinet Wan Optimization

Data deduplication

Byte Caching breaks large units of application data. Each data block is labeled with a hash and is stored in a database on the local FortiGate. Deduplication or the process of eliminating duplicate data is intended to reduce the consumption of space.

Dynamic data chunking

Dynamic data chunking detects and optimizes the file’s data blocks in the data modified or incorporated into the traffic that you use in an unknown protocol. For example, the division into dynamic blocks can be stored in the data cache in Lotus Notes and traffic make the data blocks available for email.

SSL acceleration

SSL acceleration is used by many organizations to keep private WAN communications. WAN opttimization increases hardware acceleration properties FortiASIC ​​FortiGate accelerating SSL traffic across the WAN.FortiGate with l ‘unit that handles SSL encryption and decryption for corporate servers providing SSL encrypted over the WAN.

VPN replacement

Relatively simple configuration that supports the optimization and privacy of communication across the WAN using FortiGate SSL acceleration for high performance.

Reduce the…

  • Capital spending – Organizations acquire one device per location.
  • Licensing fees – WAN Optmization is included with FortiOS and not need additional licenses.
  • Network complexity – Small offices that may not have “space” or connections to great power need not worry: no additional devices required.


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