Tailor Made Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing offers developers and IT departments the opportunity to focus on strategic activities, leaving out equally important but time-consuming activities such as, for example, supply of resources, maintenance and capacity planning.

Lan & Wan Solutions has gained experience on the public cloud and on various models available in cloud computing:

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

Infrastructure as a Service, abbreviated as IaaS, contains the basic elements of the cloud IT infrastructure and generally allows access to network features, computers (virtual or on dedicated hardware) and data storage space. Infrastructure as a Service offers the highest level of flexibility and management control over IT resources, this service can be compared to existing IT resources in the company

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platforms as a Service, abbreviated PaaS, contains the underlying infrastructure, typically hardware and operating systems. In this way, companies will be able to concentrate exclusively on the distribution and management of applications. This solution is characterized by the highest level of efficiency, as it is no longer necessary to focus in activities such as supply of resources, capacity planning, software maintenance, patching or any other type of onerous activity at the level of time and effort that may affect application execution.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service, abbreviated SaaS, offers a complete product that is run and managed by the service provider. Thanks to the SaaS solution, it will no longer be necessary to worry about how to manage the service or the underlying infrastructure. The user can finally focus exclusively on the use of a particular software. A common example of a SaaS application is a web-based email application that allows sending and receiving email messages without the need to manage adding features to the product or managing servers and systems in which the program runs

Each type of cloud service and implementation method offers different levels of control, flexibility and management.
The knowledge and experience on the various cloud computing models mentioned above, as well as the knowledge of the various implementation strategies available, allows us to choose the most suitable set of services for the specific work needs of the customer company.