Design of IT infrastructure solutions

The fragmented implementation of more or less complex data center infrastructures, often “vulgarly” called CEDs, actually caused the proliferation of complex and often unreliable infrastructures.

Companies’ demand

The needs of modern companies, with the adoption of hyperconvergent or convergent systems , which are generally extremely optimized in terms of rack occupancy, but very demanding from a cooling point of view, involve the total redesign or optimization of the Data Center environment. The imperative is to protect mission-critical data, simplify implementation and optimize management.

Lan & Wan Solutions’ strategy is to implement integrated End to End solutions capable of supporting emerging technologies, relating to the following five areas:

alimentazione elettrica

Power supply


Cooling down




Physical security


Environmental control

The most important elements of infrastructure solutions are physical infrastructures: power, cooling, physical housings, cabling, physical and fire protection, which allow IT equipment to function optimally.

This approach is independent of the size of the DATA CENTER, very often it becomes interesting to adopt “all-in-one” solutions equivalent to Micro Data Center for all-inclusive IT applications of UPS, cooling and integrated management system.

With Lan & Wan Solutions, IT managers will be able to adopt solutions that allow them to optimally align IT infrastructures with corporate strategies, improving operational efficiency and ensuring the availability of technological platforms capable of guaranteeing continuous expansion over time.