The internal forensic analysis activity aims to evaluate a possible data leak by an unfaithful employee. Since the violated data is usually sent by e-mail, uploaded to private clouds, copied to removable memory devices (e.g. USB pendrive), we will analyze the contents of the pc used by the employee, also verifying the artifacts present in the system log, the e-mail system used, access to the file system, and the presence of records indicating file creation and modification.

In the event that a so-called “Forensic copy” of the content, ie the image of the entire content of the device, it will be possible to install a special toolkit to evaluate the content via remote access. This toolkit will also allow for any real-time monitoring for an arbitrary period of time.

To implement these investigation methods, the collaboration of the company systems personnel will be required in order to obtain the necessary access to the network, in addition to the necessary release of the activity by the final client.

List of services provided:

  • Inspection and technical evaluation
  • Presence on site (one visit) for data collection and possible toolkit installation, subject to the collaboration of the company systems staff (IT department)
  • Analysis of material acquired locally or acquired off-site (one-shot)
  • Drafting of an informal report on a technical level
  • Drafting of a formal report with executive summary and forensic validity (if necessary) including the return of a digital copy of the acquired data (separate support)
  • Delivery of brief documentation and related explanation
  • Any days on site for resolving problems inherent to the analysis that cannot be foreseen in advance
  • Real-time activity monitoring
analisi forense


Lan & Wan Solutions will entrust the management and supervision of the service to a specific professional figure, the Service Manager, who will also be responsible and single point of contact for the client company.

The Service Manager will implement the processes defined in the “IT Service Management” model which describes how to implement, manage and deliver IT services in order to adequately meet the customer’s needs.

During the duration of the service, the Service Manager works with constant reference to the processes defined in the ITIL framework in order to always keep the agreed service levels aligned.

The Lan & Wan Solutions Service Manager, who coordinates the technical team to provide the aforementioned Security Services, interfaces only with the personnel indicated by the customer, manages the problems related to the management of the SLAs (including Project Management, Change Management, Escalation for Incident management), manages the reporting and also the relationship with external suppliers if involved

The Service Manager is responsible for achieving the predefined Quality Standards and planning the various activities with the resolution of any problems regarding the condition of Change or overlapping priorities.

Furthermore, to measure compliance with the agreed service levels, the Service Manager carries out checks and analyzes through dedicated KPIs, sharing the results (if contracted) through the management of dedicated reports such as:

  • Standard analytical and detailed reporting;
  • Specific reporting on customer needs.