Unified Communication Padova

Mobile devices, software and services to support mobile workers

Man on the ground is the solution aimed at all workers performing activities in the field alone, with no eye contact with colleagues in places not protected or in dangerous areas. The system is able to detect dangerous situations and any changes on the health status of the individual persons also subject to specific diseases, such as allergies or risks of anaphylactic shock.

Unified Communication Padova

A unique tool to communicate, to certify the activity and protect the safety of the operators both in closed environments such as buildings, cold storage tanks and in open environments during the course of normal or extraordinary activities (Construction sites, maintenance electrical networks).

Man down

The system “Man Down” includes several alarm functionality and location to ensure the safety of those who work alone in dangerous areas.

The solution consists of a mobile device resistant to shock, dust and water, equipped not only with a manual alarm button, but also of a 3D motion sensor can detect various types of abnormalities and to forward a message of alarm and distress call, containing the GPS coordinates, to individual operators or group of persons. The reporting is done via SMS and will appear in the web portal to which the site manager and / or accessing unauthorized persons to monitor in real time the location and of the entire workforce health.

sistemi innovativi

Web portal for monitoring field workers and multilingual assistance service

Thanks to this system it is possible to then use a single operator to perform a variety of actions, avoiding the presence of a second person while maintaining the same safety conditions. It is also an instrument of control expected by SGSSL also valid for the exemption of administrative offenses capacity (Legislative Decree 231/01), which allows for significant savings in insurance premiums and to generate a return on investment after only few months after commissioning. In the realization of these projects we co-we operate of the leading technology partners in the market.