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New needs, new standards, new parameters … And new tools

The performance obtainable from a copper cabling reached limits that only a few years ago would not have been considered realistic and not even remotely imaginable when the structured cabling “system” was conceived. The result is that today it is necessary to live with interconnection technologies whose basic structure is an uncomfortable legacy from the world of telephony and therefore not particularly suitable for carrying high-speed digital signals. We must often operate with installation procedures and techniques in the field, which do not solve the problem of the strong dependence on the final performance and on the quality of the workforce.

Without wanting to generalize but simply from experience, having managed several thousand copper and optical fiber cabling systems of large and small dimensions, we can venture some statistical evaluation and the picture that comes out is certainly not the most encouraging. From our point of view, the level of technical culture regarding the attestation phases, rather than the cabling test, is generally quite low.
The lack of knowledge of the regulations and standards, as well as the improper use of certification tools, can lead to poor performance or problems in data transmission.

Lan & Wan Solutions proposals

Qualified Lan & Wan Solutions personnel take action in the testing, troubleshooting and certification phase with the aid of Fluke Networks certifying tool, designed for use on structured copper cabling up to 10Gbps and on fiber optic connections up to 100Gbps.

The certification activity carried out by Lan & Wan Solutions verifies the compliance of the infrastructure with the standard requirements and in addiction, in the case of new projects, it also checks the adherence of the system with the parameters requested by the designer.