Network connectivity is the core for digital initiatives in the cloud era

Company and data center networks are evolving rapidly with the adoption of digital restyling by organizations to transform their business. We believe the network is critical to making the most of the potential of new high-performance applications at the heart of these efforts.

In the CLOUD era, the experience and expertise of Lan & Wan Solutions, a company born creating local and geographic network infrastructures, then diversified itself specializing in the design and implementation of:

Data center networks

High Performance and very low latency data center networks up to 100Gbps able to best manage the workloads caused by the increase in Erp, Crm, Big Data, Supply Chain Management applications, but also Unified Communication and all the new tools of the Web 2.0.

Software defined wan solutions

Software Defined WAN solutions provide on-demand interconnection within companies, between branches and data centers and between branches and the cloud.
The hybrid cloud thus becomes a simple experience for network administrators who can, sitting in front of individual consoles, create, configure, control, manage and modify geographical network connections without having to go, for every change, to physically operate on the network both in the company headquarter and in peripheral locations.

Intelligent networks

Driven by the need to comply with the regulations that impose certain security measures and by that of containing capital and operating costs, today companies cannot help but rethink their network infrastructures.
Also in the networking sector, terms such as automation, virtualization, as-a-service provisioning, on demand, access management are used. All these new features imply that more and more intelligence is being poured onto corporate networks, which have hitherto been rather rigid, little scalable and increasingly complex sets of cables and devices (switches, routers, access points, security appliances). Intelligence, it can be understood at two levels: the first is at an infrastructural level, i.e. that of the devices that manage client access and interfacing with virtual servers; the second is on an architectural level, which implies the ability to reason and design with a greater level of abstraction, having more in mind the applications, services and business purpose.
Both types of intelligence that linked to the engineering of the equipment and that of the overall design of the networks must obviously interact.
The goal of Lan & Wan Solutions is to integrate these technologies in order to make existing networks gradually simpler, safer, more flexible, at the service of an increasing number of different applications and obviously capable of supporting the traffic volumes of different protocols exponentially increasing applications.

Safe networks

Finally, the search for proactivity and intelligence in security gave birth to NAC (Network Access Control) technology. The most common basic function of NACs is to control user access and exit from a network based on identification policies.
In an automation perspective, an important feature introduced is the automated remediation, a feature that helps authorized users to access the network even if they fail a certain compliance check; all based on pre-established policies, without having to resort to IT staff; the client management workflow is completely transparent to the user.
An important feature is the ability to identify, and possibly quarantine, devices that exhibit strange behavior, such as access points, mobile devices, routers and switches not belonging to the company.