Penetration Test


What is the penetration test (pentest)?

It is a systematic process aimed at identifying and highlighting the potential vulnerabilities present within an IT infrastructure.
The penetration test allows you to estimate the real degree of exposure of Devices, Systems, Applications and, above all, Company data, documenting the factors capable of compromising the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the resources in use.
The final purpose, therefore, is to obtain awareness on the levels of security and protection measures in use, so as to ensure the timely correction of all vulnerabilities that can expose the infrastructure to dangerous and violent cyber attacks, also satisfying the legislative compliance defined, for example, by the GDPR.

penetration test

81% of penetration testers say that attackers can identify and export your data in less than 12 hours. 88% also declare that they can compromise a target at the same time. It is therefore important to develop an effective penetration testing program by establishing well-defined objectives and identifying the environments that need to be tested. The requirements for a good penetration test must consider management applications, the core IT infrastructure and confidential data.


  • Allows you to assess the level of exposure of Devices, Systems, Applications and Business Data
  • Highlights the risks about the potential damage resulting from possible cyber attacks
  • Document all security holes in the infrastructure in use
  • It guarantees the safeguarding of the Company Reputation regarding the safe storage of data
  • Raise stakeholder awareness of safety responsibilities
  • It reduces the burdens (financial, legal, image, etc.) caused by a Data Breach
  • It guarantees high levels of protection, also satisfying the legislative compliance defined, for example, by the GDPR (Article 32 paragraph 1)
penetration testing


It represents one of the Security Services – L&W designed to highlight the degree of corporate security.

Implemented through the use of specialized tools, and the manual action of real Ethical Hackers, it offers 04 types of attacks (Attack Method) developed by the RED team of L&W Solutions to fully meet the security needs of IT infrastructures.

Each ATTACK PACK includes modules (PROCESS TYPE) specially packaged to provide results and safety levels aligned to the needs expressed by companies.

The results of the tests provide detailed reports that clearly describe the types of vulnerabilities identified and used, the damage to which the infrastructure in use may be exposed and, finally, the actions to be taken to solve the problems identified.

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