SMS – Security Managed Services


Provide services aimed at ensuring the level of security offered by the Systems / Applications / Devices used in the customer’s IT infrastructure

Meet the aim of PROACTIVE analysis of IT security systems and technologies other than those related to the typical functionalities of UTM devices (IDS, IPS, Web Filtering, etc.)

Introduce the concept of FAULTS management, as the configurations implemented by L&W

Allow the analysis and identification of anomalous behavior due to potential cyber attacks from the internet or intranet

Guarantee protection from recognized and identified vulnerabilities in MS systems that are obsolete or not aligned with released updates

Ensure the correct administration of the backup and DR processes by periodically certifying the outcome and reliability of the backups


Service Manager


Service Desk


Support Level 1°


Support Level 2°


Support Level 3°




Antimalware suite management
  • Check configuration of the antimalware suite (Trend Micro, Fortinet EMS) in compliance with the Best Practices indicated by the Vendors (2 every year)
  • Signatures management
  • Off-Line Client management
  • Alert management – analysis of CRITICAL notices generated by the antimalware suite
  • Security Policy (administration of permissions on Suite and Client Agent management)
  • Update software release (no cross-release upgrade) to apply Bug fixes released by the Vendor (4 every year)


Antispam suite management
  • Antispam suite configuration in compliance with the Best Practices indicated by the Vendors (2 every year)
  • Signatures management
  • Alert management – analysis of CRITICAL warnings generated by the Antispamsuite
  • Update software release (no cross-release upgrade) to apply Bug fixes released by the Vendor (4 every year)


Bug management
SL1 + SL2 + SL3 support for the management of anomalies related to policies and configurations created / modified by L&W team


Server patching management
  • Periodic patching management on SERVER systems (Microsoft) (4 every year)
  • Impact assessment of patching activities with definition and testing on Key Users
  • Planning activities with the customer and sharing outages


Vulnerability management
  • Periodic scan of Vulnerabilities on Systems, Applications and Devices through dedicated L&W tools (2 every year)
  • Recognition and identification of Vulnerabilities
  • Analysis, evaluation and reporting on the state of exposure of the infrastructure and the security levels detected
  • Sharing of critical issues with the customer and identification of applicable countermeasures
    Support with GDPR compliancy


Full backup management
  • Management and record of the infrastructure and backup processes (Logical Layout, Documentation of processes and procedures)
  • Sample Guest file and Guest OS restore test
  • Continuous check (8 x 5) on the correct execution and completion of scheduled Jobs (Backup, Copy, Replica)
  • Alert management – analysis of CRITICAL warnings generated by the Backup suite
  • Engagement of the SL1 + SL2 + SL3 teams for problem analysis related to the defined backup processes
  • Sharing the need for improvement on infrastructure and backup processes
  • Capacity management in relation to the target backup devices
  • Performance management


SOC Monitoring
  • CONTINUOUS (24 x 7) and PROACTIVE (8 x 5) Monitoring Service provided by the S.O.C. of L&W on SECURITY systems
  • Email notification of the CRITICAL alarms that determine the total or partial blocking of the functionality of the SECURITY Systems
  • Monitoring the reliability level of SECURITY systems and tools
  • Data analysis and correlation of Antimalware, Antispam, Patching and Backup systems
  • THREAT Analysis & Response – analysis and resolution of problems related to cyber threats
  • MALWARE Analysis & Removal – analysis of malware caught in the data flow


Incident management
  • INCIDENT management (10 every year) – Restoration of the Services and Features that have resulted in a total or partial blockage of the SECURITY Systems
  • Registration, classification and initial support, analysis and diagnosis, resolution and closure of the incident and sharing with the customer
  • Restoration of normal service levels, in relation to the Incident, according to the agreed SLAs


  • New Implementations / Configurations / Modifications / Custom and recurring Tuning
  • Activities of any kind relating to SECURITY Systems / Applications / Devices that are NOT explicitly contracted
  • Renewal or upgrade of maintenance software
  • Anomaly management on configurations made by third parties (No L&W technical staff)
  • Nuove Implementazioni/Configurazioni/Modifiche/Tuning personalizzato e ricorrente
  • Attività di qualsiasi tipo inerenti a Sistemi/Applicativi/Dispositivi di SECURITY NON esplicitamente contrattualizzati
  • Rinnovo o Upgrade delle maintenance software
  • Gestione anomalie su configurazioni eseguite da terzi (No staff tecnico L&W)