VBTY – Vulnerability Assessment Service

It is a service managed through the use of dedicated tools to carry out in-depth checks on systems, applications or devices

It addresses directly the need to obtain detailed information about the security levels of IT infrastructures

It allows to precisely assess the level of exposure of systems and devices to various vulnerabilities

It recognizes and identifies a large number of different vulnerabilities by dividing them by type of risk (High, Medium, Low, etc.)

It guarantees alignment with the rules introduced by the GDPR

It exposes detailed reports on the details of the vulnerabilities detected

Process TypeEASY LevelMEDIUM LevelHARD LevelWhite Hat Level
Host Discovery Scan
Wannacry Ransomware Scan
Basic NetWork Scan
Web application Scan (Easy)
Web application Scan (Complex)
Advanced Dynamic Network Scan
DROWN Detection Scan
Spectre & Meltdown Scan
Shadow Brokers Scan
Malware Scan
Credentialed Patch Audit Scan
Intel AMT Security Bypass Scan
Internal PCI Network Scan
Audit Cloud Infrastructure Scan
Network Devices Custom Scan Plugins
Vulnerability data analysis
Vulnerability Scan Reports

The VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT service provided by Lan & Wan Solutions is based on 04 types of Scan (SCAN PACK), specially created by our specialists to meet the security needs of companies. Each SCAN PACK includes modules (PROCESS TYPE) specially packaged to provide results aligned with IT security standards.