Organizations are changing the way they distribute access to their corporate network, with a multiplicity of connected devices and applications, facing a series of operating and management problems.

The lan & wan solutions approach

The issues that companies are facing with the use of wireless connections are the limited performances related to the saturation of Wi-Fi, but also security, with its requirements for secure authentication, data inspection and encryption, and even the skill required for infrastructure planning and design.

The challenges


The saturation and security of Wi-Fi: The number and type of wireless devices connected to the corporate network and mobile applications continue to grow exponentially, presenting new vulnerabilities and expanding the attack surface.


The User Experience: the highly mobile nature of corporate devices and users implies fast Wi-Fi and a smooth experience on the wireless network comparable to the cabled network, taking into account that their use includes collaboration and multimedia applications.


IT requires a reduction in the complexity of the network, application and device management

Our suggestion is that the approach and orientation on the above issues should not be limited to the choice of wireless technology or wi-fi devices that are more or less performing or safe, but the correct approach should be to choose architectures that support only the services chosen by the company.

Lan & Wan Solutions boasts an experience on differentiated, scalable, integrated and secure architectures, based on high-value standards like speed of implementation, support for business applications, security capabilities and what is best suited to offer a user experience as you were using a cabled network.

The architectures we know and use

Cloud wi-fi for distributed and remote environments, with the following features


Wireless Lan Controller on Cloud: for a Wi-Fi without the complexity of a local controller


Cloud Management: APs are installed in remote offices in minutes – not hours or days


Economic: no license required to access the Cloud

Integrated wi-fi managed by fw / utm devices

Lan & Wan Solutions takes advantage of Fortinet’s Secure Unified Access solution that provides unique integration of firewall security with wireless and wired infrastructure, to offer unmatched ease of implementation and visibility from a common GUI that protects the entire network.

Wi-fi infrastructure with highly performing solutions

Lan & Wan Solutions uses Fortinet’s Wi-Fi Infrastructure solution with the exclusive Virtual Cell functionality.
With the Virtual Cell functionality acquired by Fortinet (ex Meru), the Wi-Fi network, through the Access Point, has full control of the client. It is the Wi-Fi network that decides which AP the client should associate with and how to roaming and not vice versa as in traditional Wi-Fi networks.

With this functionality, the Wi-Fi network is “virtualized” since:

  • APs are synchronized over time eliminating mutual interference
  • APs can use the same radio channel
  • All APs emit the same Cell Address (BSSID)

The results:

The Wi-Fi client “believes” to be connected to a single “omnipresent” AP: the Virtual Cell

The Network has control over associations and roaming: Networking-Control